R. Franco

R Franco Slot Machines and Software Review

R. Franco is an oldest Spanish developer of gambling slot machines. It has appeared on the gambling market in the beginning of 1965. In more than 50 years of its existence this company has grew itself a large client base and got positive reputation among the players and fans of gambling. The main office of the company is located in Madrid, Spain, but the firm has many subsidiaries in many countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America.

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Basic information

Racriativos Franco slot machines company has great experience and wide spectrum of knowledge. The softwawre developers of this company are experienced specialists that have been working in gambling business for many years. In 50 years of work the company has managed to create several dozens of slot machines, alto there is Recreativos Franko poker It all has started with manufacture of classical slot machines for casinos, but in the beginning of XXI century the company has changed its approach and started to develop the virtual slots for online clubs. A bit later the mobile platforms were also included. Nowadays the R. Franco is a large company with many subsidiaries, creating offline and online slot machines and virtual slots for mobile phones and tablets.

Main features of Recreativos Franco Las Vegas company:

  • Technical and informational support working round-the-clock;
  • High level of production;
  • Large base of clients and fans;
  • More than 50 years of work in gambling field.

Not so long ago the R. Franco company turned 50 years. The workers from offices all around the world were invited to celebration. The leaders of the company thanked their workers from the scene for an invaluable contribution into company’s development. After the end of the official part there was a banquet and a party with jugglers, acrobats and other artists. So loud and pompous event only confirms once again the importance and the level of the company.

The company’s slots and their features

Most of the slots and gaming machines made by R. Franco have quite an original graphical decisions, qualitative animation, interesting gameplay and decent sound accompaniment. The developers keep mentioning that they want to create unique slots with characters created by them, not somebody else. They’re keeping their positions by making slot machines with unique themes and characters, that are so different from creations of their competitors. This position helps company a lot, since people are quite tired of the same slots with a bit edited graphical shell.

Main advantages of the slots made by R. Franco:

  • Qualitative graphics and decent sound accompaniment;
  • Intuitive gaming process and friendly interface.
  • High replayability;
  • Simple for getting used to.

Recreativos Franco online service is one of the oldest firms developing gambling equipment in the whole world. The company has a reputation of reliable partner and skilled developer. Its software contains also Recreativos Franco bingo All slots of this firm are certificated and approved by certain authorities, that’s why using the production of the company is not only very interesting, but also really safe in casino.