Regulator: Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (AAMS)


Address: Piazza Mastai, 11 – 00153 ROMA

Phone number for operators: 800 217213

Phone number for offices: 800 211351

Fax: 06/58572200

Еmail:[email protected]

Therefore, on the border with France, Switzerland, and Slovenia the casinos were legalized. In the twentieth century, the laws of the country mellowed a little, but the activity of gambling is still in charge of the municipality.


Till 80s there were announced some significant cases of fraud of the staff and the highest managers staff of the casino network in Italy. This case needed to be controlled by gambling legislation Italy. And in 1983, the casino of San Vincent and the Casino San Remo appeared to have close links with the mafia. In this regard, in 1986 in the playing field the management staff was changed and was made a tough restructuring.

Today on the peninsula there are 5 casinos, which are municipal. They bring a lot of money in the region. Since 2010 the Italians have access to the online poker rooms.

Since 2013, in Italy, new rules were established in the gaming advertising. The regulator Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (AAMS) determined strict gambling law in Italy for advertising, in which must be specified:

  • The Company's logo;
  • The operator's license number;
  • AAMS;
  • Warning about the services only for adults;
  • The risks associated with the game;
  • The risk of gambling addiction;
  • The procedure of payout of the prizes.

The results of all bets are certified by the regulator, that may delay the payment of winnings to the customer. It often leads to the fact that local players choose foreign operators of gambling games, which has negative consequences to the income of the country.

The Italian regulator AAMS plans to cancel the restrictions on the rates during the sporting events.

The entire control network in the hands of the gambling authority in Italy serves for complete legalization of the gambling business in Italy and for preventing of any outflow of money abroad. Licenses, issued by AAMS allow operators to work only within the state. There is strict tax levy for the operators, which may even in some cases exceed 20% of casino’s income.

The law is very strict to illegal gambling business. The convict of illegal betting will be forced not only to pay a fine but also to close his deal with the withdrawal of the license for this kind of activity. The gambling slots and the progressive roulette also are under the ban in the country.

The legal online gambling with available gambling license in Italy includes poker, bets on sport events, horse races and bingo. In this conditions the bets on sport events have to pay biggest taxes. The black list of prohibited websites in Italy is the biggest one among all others in Europe.

All financial organizations in the country have to present reports on transactions between players and non-legal online casinos. AAMS strictly traces such information all the way to personality pf the player, which gambles on unapproved by government websites.

The model of regulation of gambling legislation in Italy is well balanced between the interests of the state, the protection of society and the players from fraud.

The rules of casino visiting

For all those, who would like to visit casino there is a set of obligatory rules from gambling Commission of Italy. The entry isn’t free of charge, all visitors have to comply to dress-code, be more than 18 years old and the price for the ticket can be up to 10 dollars. Besides, the minimal bet is 250 euros, however you cannot place more than 1000 euros. Only Italian language is allowed in gambling houses. Foreigners have to learn the basic gaming phrases and words.

If player loses all his money, casino has to pay his return ticket. It may happen no more than three times, otherwise an access to all gambling houses of this country for this player will be closed.

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