How to choose online casinos by country

Online casinos – it’s a modern alternative to gambling venues popular around the world. This is a complex segment of the gambling market which requires additional control and a strong legal framework that regulates the virtual gambling activities. The main advantage and the main difficulty of the digital gaming platforms is accessibility. Users can play in online casinos by country anytime from anywhere in the world, and this gives a wide margin for cyber-scams.

In this article, we will discuss online casinos by country and how to distinguish reliable casinos from pirate web resources. Furthermore, we will cover the core detail of the organisation of virtual gambling in countries around the world.

How to choose an online casino in different countries

Choosing an online casino country – it is a responsible step that partially predetermines the quality, safety and benefit of the game. This is why it is important to study the area in detail before registration and starting a game session by selecting a favourable game from the list. Let’s look at the basic criteria which should affect your own verdict regarding the reliability of a casino:

  • First and foremost you need to find studying the site of a casino is a license. Most often, information about the legality of a casino is provided in the footer (bottom of the page). There's also information about the organisation that issued the license and the terms of the document, which allows providing gambling services legally.
  • Check the duration of a casino. Websites represented on the market for more than one year are considered to be reliable. Usually, these data are indicated in the footer or in the section “About Us”. Do not ignore reviews about online casinos by country on third-party resources and forums. Reviews and discussions often give an impression about a new online casino.
  • Learn the main sections of a site – terms of service, privacy policy, additional services, promotions and bonus offers. Reliable and proven platform deliver a fairly detailed information covering all the most important details of the interaction between the user and the casino.
  • The design and usability of the interface are one of the key points when choosing a gambling portal. Categories, good feedback methods, technical support, support response time reflect the attitude of a casino to players. Negligence in the details can cast doubt on an online casino status.

Remember, that the choice of the best online casino affects the entire follow-up process of the game. Gambling involves depositing and withdrawing real money. Registration in an untested and especially illegal casino can jeopardise all financial transactions and personal data of the user.

Gambling venues in different countries

Despite the fact that online casinos are widespread around the world, not all countries have completely resolved the issues associated with providing gambling services via the Internet. Controlling virtual platforms is a complex mechanism which requires a large-scale regulatory training and the creation of special organisations or departments to be devoted to the verification and monitoring of the work of online casinos.

Control difficulties create an uneven situation in the global gambling market. Thus, there are countries where:

  1. gambling is completely forbidden;
  2. gambling is legally available only in land-based casinos;
  3. online gambling services are available but are provided only by the monopoly operator;
  4. virtual casinos are represented only by the national providers;
  5. online casinos are allowed if geographically located in other countries; though they must have the license of the State in which they offer gaming content.
  6. all licensed online casino USA can offer their services.

Different types of legislation provide for a different content on gambling websites. For example, some states allow doing online betting or playing the lottery but do not provide access to classic casino games and slots. Others offer a full range of gambling services but limit the value of online betting.

The intricacies of the legislative framework in each country are covered in detailed articles on gambling in a given state. If you want to know how and what kinds of slots you can play in any contries in the world, visit our Gambling in the World page

Who issues licenses to organise online gambling business

Every country where online gaming is allowed grants licenses to those wishing to organise their own gambling business adjusted to the current legislation. Some states do not provide such licenses because all gambling services are delivered exclusively by the monopoly provider, which is mostly owned by the government.

However, some licenses are granted the status of international. This means, that an online casino operator can provide services in different countries, taking into account the legislation of each of them. Such licenses are issued in:

  • Malta;
  • Gibraltar;
  • Curacao;
  • Costa Rica
  • Antigua and Barbuda.

In any case, online casino UK or other countries are permitted or prohibited by the government of a State on the basis of the legal framework and the structure of the gambling market in each particular case. This is why some of the casinos available in one country are not available in the other.

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