Free slots for iPod Touch

Can one play in slots mahines on IPod Touch and how does it differ from the IPhone? Such questions are often asked by the users of our portal. The answer is simple. Initially iPod was a mere player. Created by Apple in the 2001 it was supposed to be made for playing digitally formatted music. The model line was getting wider and as soon as Touch devices hit the market in 2007 it became widespread. Today iPod Touch is a mobile device capable of performing as well as a smartphone, with the exception of the SIM card slot, which is absent in Touch models. It is fully capable of Internet surfing and multimedia content manipulation.

Online versions of slots are not the only option. The owners of iPod touch can play other gabling machines for free online or after they have installed them on their device. Main determining factor when choosing iOS is whether the software being produced was designed for it. It is not capable, for instance, to play flash-based multmedia content. So that leaves most Touch owners with a choice among html5-based gambling machines only. Slots adapted to various Apple devices are being placed in their dedicated "Slots iOS". Hence it is easy to pick a one-armed bandit for free even for an uneperienced user.

First slots for iPod Touch

Up until the year 2012 the owners of iPod/iPhone devices were having complications in accessing online gambling industry produce. Apple and since the AppStore were sharing a negative reception of the gambling industry thus preventing an awful lot of such apps from being released onto the masses.

However, thanks to the pioneers of the industry - Betable and Big Fish, it is no longer an issue. It was their app that got placed in the AppStore and thus had opened the way for many others. Notable mentiones are:

  • Online slots desiged for iOS
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Roulette

The initial versions were for demo purposes and thus ended up being freely distributed.

Modern Slot Machiens on iPod Touch

Modile models of many free slots for ipod touch had made their way to the main supliers of Apple's market, including the Fantastic Four of the slots:

  • Playtech – a leader in the field of mobile gambling. It's fields of interest include casino platforms and individuals slots, thus totaling at 125 various products for iOS and Andoid.
  • Microgaming – Back in the 2012 when iOS had barely hit the cap of 11 software pieces, they were one of the first compaines to offer mobile slots. Nowadays their offers consists of many dozens of slot machines.
  • NetEnt. Shines with the exclusive HTML5-only NetEnt Touch series. As a consequence those find their place on both Android and iOS.
  • RTG – the fisrt exclusive iPhone/iPa slot machine developer. Their products are ranging from the traditional video slots and roulettes up to blackjack and keno..

How to install and play free slots for ipod on iPad

The process of downloading and installing slots on the iPad doesn't differ from any other app:

  1. Download from the official sources or at the AppStore.
  2. Download .ipa from the specialized website:
  • Click the file in order to download it
  • Double clicks it in order to get in into the iTunes library.
  • Go after the "Apps" tab
  • Tick the checkbox located next to the slot machine's name
  • Click on the "Sync" buttons

From here the software will be installed to your iPod Touch automatically

The shortuct for launching the freshly installed free slots ios can be found at the end of the apps menu. Just click it in order to play slot machines for free.

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