Policy of web-site

Cookies are files that contain information about your visit sessions. They are stored in a browser and intended for making the resource more comfortable to use. Thanks to cookies, the site always takes into account preferences of the user. By fixing activities of the anonymous visitor, the site “remembers” your browsing history, your preferred language and types of activity. This makes it possible to offer the services and the resources of the site that suit you the most. 

Cookies do not contain any malicious code and cannot cause any harm to your computer or another device. They do not affect your operating system as they are designed exclusively to improve the comfort of the user on the site. 

How cookies are used on our website 

Our website uses cookies to store user preferences. Due to the data of these files, the system captures suitable language for a person, time settings, and the most appropriate materials (in this case, games). Collecting of cookies allows providing the user with the most relevant data and making the use of the site certainly convenient. 

In this case, cookies do not contain any personal information, they cannot save autofill data or forms of other websites. Therefore, all information from other profiles remains completely confidential. 

We do not use intrusive cookies – files that track user activity on other sites in order to offer appropriate advertising, which can hurt. 

Thanks to cookies, we can ensure security and prevent any attempt of fraud. In general, cookies functions allow ensuring comfortable and fast operation of the site for each individual user. 

Due to the use of cookies, we guarantee: 

  • Security. Information about the activities on the website is encrypted and does not imply any identification. This means that users can remain anonymous and cannot lose their data. 
  • Functionality. You do not have to change the language or other site settings each time you visit the site, as they will be set up for you personally. 
  • Convenience. When surfing the site, you will always get comfortable conditions as the web resource will meet your personal preferences. 
  • Tracking. Cookies allow us to obtain information about where the user came to our web resource from. 

The use of the interactive resources of our website does not imply authorization, so there is no danger of collecting or transferring your personal data to third parties. 

Should I disable cookies? 

It is not recommended to disable this functionality files as this may reduce the level and quality of services provided. If you wish to refuse the use of any forms of data collection in your system, you should apply the instructions in your browser to turn off those files. Also, you can use the anonymous browsing mode, which is provided by most modern browsers. 

You do not have to worry about your personal data, because we do not provide it to the third parties or download or in any other way save it for ourselves. At any point in time you can delete the files from the browser, but then be ready that the usage of the website will not that comfortable as earlier. We are trying to provide you with the best experience you can possibly find on the Internet.

An alternative option would be deleting cookies from your web browser after the end of the current session. In this case, no data will be stored and processed. 

The current Privacy Policy may be changed at any time, and changes take effect immediately after publication.

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