Stormin 7s
Stormin 7s

Online slot Stormin' 7's is a double gambling entertainment from Ainsworth studio. On the 5 reels and 100 paylines, you will collect images dedicated to casino games and prizes. However, the slot not only talks about major prizes but also provides an opportunity to get them. The user will have lots of opportunities to make and prolong combination, as well as generous game offers during free spins.

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Stormin 7s slot game review

How to play on the machine Stormin'7's

Free casino slot machine Stormin' 7's is presented on our site in the form of free training version. This means that registration and making a deposit are not required to launch the application. The balance of the machine is already full of a demo credits, which you can play for in the process of demo spins. Though, if you are ready to play for real find this game in [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casino and start winning true prizes.

Before you make the first rotation, explore the control panel. Using the opportunity to set some of the parameters, you can configure a session in a comfortable and beneficial way for you. Note the numeric values. Despite the attractiveness and brightness of pictures on the reels, numbers remain the main indicator of the success of a game session.

Select options:

  • Lines – the number of lines involved in the game. By default, the free casino slot gameprovides the maximal number of strips – 100. With the "+" and "-" keys, you can change this number by reducing it up to 1 line. Remember, that the less active lines, the lower the probability of a paid combination: sequences that appear on inactive lines do not bring prizes.
  • Bet – a bet on one line. The default value in the column is equal to 0.01 credits. With the plus and minus buttons, you can change the index within 0.01-100 coins on a strip. The higher the payment for one line, the greater prize will be brought to the player by a sequence of pictures, even the most inexpensive. However, increasing the bet in the pursuit of large payments, do not forget that the cost of a line and a spin as a whole affects the duration of a session.

The number of coins withdrawn from the account (reflected in the Cash section) when activating spins is seen in the Total Bet box. The numerical value in the row is formed on the basis of figures Lines and Bet sections. The larger the numbers in these fields, the higher the total spin bet. The cost of rotation affects the number of spins that are available during a session. The higher the cost of spins, the less time you have to play and, consequently, lower the chance of prize combination of pictures.

Having dealt with adjustable parameters and assigning a convenient number of lines and bets, go to the active phase of the casino free slots – spins. Spin the reels in two ways:

  • By assigning a series of automatic spins after creating the basic conditions for the autoplay by pressing the Auto button.
  • Manually, repeatedly pressing the Spin button to start the next rotation.

As the easy free online slots Stormin' 7's does not provide a risk game, the main difference between the proposed modes is the possibility to change bets and the number of lines before each new turnover. The manual game has this option, automatic spins pass are made due to fixed parameters.

Symbols and payouts in the game Stormin' 7's

Press the key “i” below the reels on the right to open additional window with Rules tab, where you will see that the online slots offer two payout tables – for the main game and the bonus round. During usual rotations of the reels, there are 12 pictures:

  • Card values – 9-A. These symbols are considered to be the cheapest in the game. When they form a sequence of three in a row, they bring payments of x5 bets on a line, which is only 5% of the value of a rotation at the highest setting.
  • Pictures of chips, dice and cards also bring x5 bets as a reward. However, forming longer combos, they are paid higher than card sequences.
  • Dollar bills and Seven – expensive symbols. The simplest sequence of these pictures gives an award in the amount of x40 bets on a line, that is 40% of the payment for a spin at the highest slot machines settings.
  • Special pictures:
    • The dollar sign is a wild. Appearing on 3, 4 and 5 wheels, the wild symbol complements and extends combinations, replacing the missing pictures. When it is alone, the symbol does not have any value, its main benefit is increasing the probability of forming a winning combination. Picture’s action does not apply to the scatter.
    • Brilliant is the scatter symbol. Appearing in random cells of the playfield on any of the reels in three positions, the picture launches the main advantage of Stormin’ 7’s slots for fun – a series of free spins.

Look for more information about the benefits of Free spins feature in the article on our website.

Bonus round

Complying with the necessary terms, the user can activate the bonus of the free slots Stormin' 7's – free game. This is a series of 10 rounds, during which pictures on the reels rotate for free. Remember, prize spins take place under conditions that were set for the main game. Bets and lines remain the same that had been assigned to a spin which has launched the bonus game.

During bonus spins, additional pictures drop on the reels:

  • Stormin' 7's – additional wilds on 2, 3 and 4 reels.
  • Stormin' x2 – factors which appear on the second wheel when re-spin bonus is activated.
  • Stormin' x3 – a factor that drops on the fourth column at the time of a re-spin.

An additional rotation is activated when the image Stormin' 7's appears on two reels simultaneously. When you restart a spin only those wheels rotate which contain additional wild symbols, and on one of them, lucky sevens turn into multipliers.

In addition, the work of the standard wild card present in the main game is not cancelled. The symbol also drops on the 3, 4 and 5 wheels, that together with an additional wild, allow the longest sequences. A complete set (5 symbols in a row) always brings generous rewards.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes