Esqueleto Explosivo
Esqueleto Explosivo

Perhaps, you can think of death with fun only during the Mexican “Day of the Dead” celebration. On this occasion, original Latinos arrange carnivals, make altars of sugar skulls and food that their deceased relatives loved to eat. This theme can be seen in the online slot game Esqueleto Explosivo which name literally translates as “Exploding Skull”.

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Esqueleto Explosivo online slot game with free bonus

The essence of the game

On the page with this free casino games, you will see the interface with five sitting skeletons. Skulls wheel out and drop on them playing the role of symbols which form winning combinations. Although each picture changes autonomously, there are no rotations of reels usual to us, skulls are arranged in three standard rows of five elements.

The free machine slot has 17 paylines and this number is constant. Paid combinations must start from the first left column and contain at least three pictures.

Usual coefficients for calculating rewards in Esqueleto Explosivo are similar to cash prices. Click the button on the bottom left, there is a payout table which indicates how much each combination costs. The game conditional currency is the euro. You can put a minimum of 10 cents at a round, the maximum – 100 euros.

When a winning combination appears, skull that formed it explode. Other pictures drop out in their place. If they form a sequence as well, it will explode again. This happens as long as there is a winning combination on the screen.

Let's play!

Everything is simple here: you should click on the button “Bet”, a window to choose how much money to put on a spin will appear. Then you are to press the button “Spin” and the game begins.

Slot casino game free provides the opportunity to spin the reels automatically. To do this, follow the first paragraph of the above actions but, instead of the key “Spin”, click on the adjacent button – it is similar but has an arrow in the centre. Decided to change the stake or just stop the game? Push the button of auto-rotations again and skulls will stop dropping.

Be sure to check free casino video games settings. For this, click on the bottom left square and select the appropriate button in the window. There is a training mode in these settings which clearly demonstrates the basic steps. There is also a panel for specifying the speed of reel rotations and other interesting options.

The reference section also allows increasing or decreasing the level of graphics, turning the sound on/off, adjusting the volume. There are also autoplay and stake options which can be changed by the player to suit personal preferences.

Free online slots video games rewards for the current round are reflected in the top right corner of the screen. The balance can be found at the left bottom.


Cheerfully painted skull – that's all the symbols that make up winning combinations. Letters and numbers designed as playing cards are absent here. The most expensive is a combination of pictures with a skull with a rose in his mouth. A sequence multiplier for five such “romantic” images is 2.50 euros. The cheapest combination consists of edentulous skulls – five such “cuties” multiply the rate only by 70 cents.

Online slots games special Wild symbol – golden skull with glasses – behaves in an interesting way on Esqueleto Explosivo device. It replaces other pictures to form paid sequences as usual. Also, appearing on the field, the wild symbol destroys all skulls surrounding it up to eight elements. They are paid a winning sum after this “explosion”.

There are no free spins or bonus rounds in the slots on net device, but it does not make the game less interesting. Mucho Multipliers holds the interest as follows: at the bottom below the reels, there are multipliers – 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. When paid combination of identical symbols in two or more rounds, these factors get activated and increase the gain.

Before exploding, skulls shout something funny, music is playing. It's obvious that the slot was originally conceived more like entertainment than a gambling slot machine.

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