If you are curious about, how classical fruit machine looks like, try to play Fancashtic online video slot machine by Amaya Gaming for free. This game has old-schooled interface consisting of 4 reels and 10 paylines. All symbols stayed on it are fruits, coins, diamonds and 7s, while twinkling Paytable at the background is the atmosphere of brick and mortar casino. 

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Fancashtic online video slot with free bonus

How to play Fancashtic slot online 

Interface of presented slot machine consists of playing field, 4 optional buttons and Paytable information at the backround (pays section does not stand out on separate page). When the game is loaded, player is suggested to select the coin value between 0.01 - 0.5. Then, regulate amount of free casino slot`s stake per 1 line with 1 Per Line button – click it 5 times to place 5 coins, 3 times – to select 3 coins and so on.

  • Bet Max button activates all 10 paylines and sets 50 coin bet;
  • When the bet is made, click Spin button to produce one reels rotation.

Question mark placed leftwards from the playing zone reveals 10 payouts schemes and state some general rules:

  • The highest combination is paid on a line in random direction;
  • Payout value differs depending on the stake size.

All figures and options selected by player are displayed in right bottom corner, information about Lines, Bet, Credits, Credits Value and Credits Paid are provided too. 

Slots free online basics: pays and symbols 

Cherries, plums, oranges, apples, bananas, colourful 7s, coins, rings, diamonds and banknotes are symbols featured in Fancashtic slots Paytable.

  1. Cherry symbols are placed in the lowest part of Paytable. When minimum bet is set, 4 cherries landed on a payline cost 6 credits;
  2. Four consequently landed plums cost 8 credits, while oranges are more expensive – 10 credits for 5 icons;
  3. 4 brown 7s have higher value and are paid with 75 credits;
  4. Maximum prize given for 5 golden coins is 100 credits, while rings with diamonds bring up to 125 credits;
  5. To receive 150 credits land 4 diamonds on selected payline;
  6. And the highest free slot machines games win is gained when 4 banknote bundles appear on active betting line.

To see how winning combinations value are changed with the stake size, click 1 Per Line button and watch the difference. 

How to cheat slot machine 

Although playing slot machines is a matter of chance and luck, some gamblers believe that it is possible to predict spins results and to force one-armed bandits to pay more. So, is it really possible? Let's regard some statements popular in this field:

  • Free online video slots with diverse and complicated bonus rounds pay less than simple classical one-armed bandits, so give the preference to the latter;
  • There are slot betting strategies that help to calculate the spins results. It is absolutely wrong, guys. All slot machines are based on RNG (random number generator) that defines the combination of symbols landed, when rotations are over. RNG hasn't got any inbuilt algorithms, so it is completely useless to apply any strategies and approaches;
  • Some gamers say, that big number of symbols (15, for instance) decreases the winning chances, while slots with, for example, 7 icons, are more rewarding

And the last tip we`d like to suggest is to pay attention to number of paylines/winning ways. It is assumed that slot with 15 paylines is less beneficial than one featuring 1024 win ways.

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Game Specs
  • Automatic bonus Yes