Geckos Gone Wild
Geckos Gone Wild

The geckos went crazy! The gecko country has broken out in a huge fire, but the credits are still going to be paid out. The chance to fill ones bankroll with lots of credits while the geckos are crazy shouldn’t be missed.

The free online slot Geckos Gone Wild which was created by Cadillac Jack, has 20 active slots lines, on which the combinations appear, and the classical 5 reels, on which the wild symbols, scatters and bonuses appear. The bet size is valued from 0,01 to 1 credit and the maximal bet in the game is 50 000 credits.

The small colorful reptiles make the playing process even more fun than it is. The cool slots design and high payouts make one forget about the real problems and help to relax after a hard day.

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Geckos Gone Wild free online slot with bonus

About the slot game

The game is really easy and is controlled only by 5 buttons, so the experienced players will understand everything by intuition. Beginners or players, who haven’t played for a long time and need to refresh their memory, should better read the rules to avoid loses.

The first parameter, which should be set, is the value of one credit. This is made with the help of the button with the same name. After that the Credit per Line button must be used to set the bet for one active line.

To read more about the symbols, payout and combination, the user can click on the Paytable button, which opens a table, were everything is explained.

To start the game, one must press the Spin button. Once this is done, the reels will fulfill one rotation. In case the constant clicking on the button is irritating or boring, the player can get use of the Auto Spin button, which will start the automatic rotations.

The game rules of the Geckos Gone Wild slot

The point of the game is pretty clear: the player has to collect a winning combination, which consists of 2 or more identical symbols, which are placed in a row on an active line. Special symbols (the wild and the scatter) make the combination more profitable, what means that they bring more credits as the ordinary ones. The button Pays opens the table, where the information about the combinations is displayed more specific.

The special symbols

The game includes two wild pictograms, which have the function to replace other symbols with the purpose to complete a winning combination. The only symbol, which can’t be replaced, is the scatter.

The wilds are:

  • The Gold Gecko, which can bring up to 5 000 credits (in case there are 5 of these in one row);
  • The Blue Gecko, which brings the same prizes as the golden one.

Players might think that these two symbols are identical, but they aren’t. The difference between them is that the golden wild can bring the jackpot (the highest number of credits that is possible in this game) and the blue one can’t bring more than 5 000 credits.

The scatter brings additional credits and starts the free spins series, which can help the player to win even more as in the normal game.

Ordinary symbols

Of course, there can’t only special symbols in a game. The ordinary symbols, which are creating combinations in the normal game, are:

  • The logotype with the name of the game (brings up to 1 000 credits);
  • A cactus (brings up to 300 credits);
  • A bag with money (brings up to 250 credits);
  • A cherry (brings up to 200 credits);
  • A bell (brings up to 150 credits);
  • Playing card symbols (bring 140, 125, 100 or 40 credits).

The free spins

This are the free spins payouts:

  1. 5 scatter symbol bring 60 spins;
  2. 4 scatter symbol bring 20 spins;
  3. 3 scatter symbol bring 10 spins;
  4. 2 scatter symbols bring 5 spins.

A combination made up of scatter symbols starts a free spins series. During this round the player has not to worry about loses, because the reels rotate without taking any credits from the bankroll. The bonus round is a wonderful chance to win some additional money without paying anything.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (60)
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