Cyrus The Virus
Cyrus The Virus

Cyrus the Virus slot machine by creative company Yggdrasil will surely entertain you with its cool and funny graphic and animation. Dangerous microorganisms spinning on five reels and create the winning chains both ways on five lines: five from the left and the same amount from the right. At the same time, the wildest virus sticks to the reel and activates re-spin disease. Read other reviews on slot machines, find out about bonuses and features of slot games on our website.

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Cyrus The Virus slot machine review

Setting the favourable living environment for viruses

For making those viruses growing and running, it is necessary to make few settings and alterations, before you press on ‘Spin’ button or launch the session in automatic mode. Of course, the first parameter under your, dear online casino slots us players, regulation, is total wager. In Yggdrasil slots, it is defined due to the next scheme – coin value enlarged by amount of lines.

There are 10 fixed lines in Cyrus the Virus slot – five counted from the left reel and the same quantity from the right one. The schemes for them are the same and presented at the Paytable section. As about Coin Value, it is changed with the special selector. Utilize ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons for regulating your coin denomination in limits between 0.01 euro – 4 euros (you have 12 variants). When it is set, the Cash Bet is measured automatically in slot casino for free. At the same time, the Max Bet (40 euros) is triggered with the same option in one click.

After selecting the preferable stake, choose between two available modes here:

  1. Manual one – triggered with Spin button, after each round player needs to press on Spin again.
  2. Automatic – activated with Autospin button, requires setting the amount of self-regulated rounds starting from 10 and going to endless quantity. Can be broken anytime with Stop option.

In addition, on the game panel you may notice small violet button with ‘+’ on it. It expands the additional settings menu helping you to operate with casino slot sound effect and visual, as well as gives the access to the detailed rules and Paytable area involving pays and shorten description of the features.

Special breeds of the viruses   

Start growing your own viruses in this virtual lab assembling all pictures on the paying lines. You have here seven species to create with them different combos starting from three of a kind and higher. If to divide all of them into groups, you will have the following outcomes:

  • The high-paying pictures – dark-blue, orange, yellow and bright green viruses;
  • The low-paying pictures – green, light-cyan and blue species.

The dark-blue virus looking like octopus is the most rewarding slot machines pictures. By creating the shortest chain with them (3 in row), you get just 100 coins, four in row – 500 coins and five of kind – 2000 coins. However, it is not the sum of the reward. The prize is counted accordingly to the set coin value. Thus, if you set the minimal 0.01 euro, you will receive to your balance 1 euro, 5 euros and 20 euros. Moreover, the ultimate stake can bring grand prizes – 400 euros, 2000 euros and 8000 euros. Moreover, after collecting five of a kind combo, you will be paid twice:

  • 8000 euros counting from left
  • 8000 euros counting from right.

Due to described above pattern all pay-outs are counted in all slots games free online. As about other icons, they have their own schemes for crediting rewards to you.

The lowest paying icon is blue bean bacteria. Five of a kind with them pay you just 100 gaming credits.

The most dangerous virus from the middle reel

The wild symbol can appear only in the middle column. When it lands there, it occupies the whole reel and stands for other icons whether it is possible. After paying to your balance all benefits, the re-spin feature is triggered once. During the re-spin the lowest paying icon – that small bean does not appear on the reels in slot casino online free. Thus, your chances to hit combos that are higher.  

Another amenity of this game is, as we have already mentioned – win both ways feature. It does not only give a chance to catch the small combinations in both ways, but also, if you create five symbols chain, it doubles the pays for it!

How to trick the slot?

Actually, cheating or tricking slots is useless idea, because Yggdrasil products use certified and tested random numbers generators (RNG), but if you still aiming for it we do not recommend you rely blindly on such things as:

  • RTP;
  • Changing online slots betting level;
  • Waiting certain time between spins to catch better outcomes.

All those observations are based only on assumptions. The first thing, RTP is the result of independent audit by third parties and shows just the theoretical ratio. This game has 96.3% return to player, so it just means that this slot may pay you such amount any time. However, is does not mean, that it can bring you such sum with each spin.

The next trick that is widespread among players – increase or decrease wager. Probably, it is based on coincidence: when you make stake higher, slot pays you. However, it is risky tips on online slots, because RNG works independently from your stakes, thus, you can lose a lot constantly enlarging your bets.

The last thing – wait for some time between pressings on Spin. Some casino players think that it works and also helps to catch the better sequence. It might be in this way, but we do not think that it is possible to prove such theory.

Among legal and truly helpful tricks, we can mention time and money management. Before gaming define the amount you are aiming to spend on staking, set how much you can afford to lose (there is always a possibility to lose on playing slots) and how long can you play. Working with those casino slot machines tips and tricks, you will always play reasonably.

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