Taboo Spell
Taboo Spell

The video slot machine Taboo Spell by the producer Genesis Gambing is characterized by the low volatility. Although the winning spins do not come immediately, it is possible to obtain a solid win. The successful spins start to become more frequent in the middle of the game when the half of the credits in the account balance is spent.

The game is played on five reels. The active lines involve in the game, range from 1 to 25. The theme of the machine – is the witchcraft of the mysterious doctor Witch. He has a secret knowledge. No one can resist neither its force nor a crocodile or the fiery skull and the evil mask.

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Taboo Spell slot machine review

The stakes on the gambling machine

The game bank for the free version of the slot game Taboo Spell is provided in the amount of 2000 coins. But it can be changed by a large amount of 10 thousand coins. Then will change the rate on one line, and the total bet. They will be increased in 10 times. If the total amount of the stake is 2000 coins, the bet per line is from one cent to 20 cents. It is possible to configure it using the settings as well as at the beginning of the game and during the process.

There is provided also a monetary rate. In the game, the player can bet from 1 to 30 coins. Accordingly, with the changes in the monetary rate occurs automatically setting in the total bet. The minimum value in one position is five coins, the maximum value – 150 coins. When you increase the size of the stake to 10 thousand credits, the monetary rate is automatically set in the amount of 10 coins. The total bet is exposed to 250 coins.

To start the game it is enough to press the button “Spin”. Thus are made the spins in the game.

Combinations in the one-armed bandit

The slot machine for free play Taboo Spell has 11 images. The most successful combinations are obtained from such symbols:

  1. Wicked Mask;
  2. Crocodile;
  3. The fire-breathing skull.

The Wicked Mask and the Crocodile, forming a successful combination, give the following prizes:

  • 750 coins if five images fall out on the drums;
  • 250 coins – four images;
  • 20 coins – three images.

The Fire-breathing skull, creating different combinations can give:

  • 500 coins for five pictures;
  • 100 coins – four pictures;
  • 20 coins – three pictures.

Even for the small images of letters and numbers, it is possible to gain some income. The minimum number of images gives profit from 2 to 15 coins. The maximum number of images in the combination gets from 100 to 350 coins.

But the listed amount – it is not all the win. There are multipliers in the game that increase the winnings from each successful combination several times. The larger the number of images is, the larger is the multiplier. For three pictures the multiplier coefficient is three times; four images – four times; five pictures – five times.

Special symbols on the game machine

The casino slot video Taboo Spell has three special symbols: the Wild Symbol, Scatter symbol and the face of the Dr. Witch.

The Wild symbol is depicted as a rag doll sewn. The symbol is able to replace all the pictures except the Scatter symbol. He multiplies the already large amounts several times. The more pictures with the wild symbols on the reels are the larger is the prize.

The Scatter symbol in the slot machine game for home is depicted as a large inscription “Taboo Spell”. If three or more image falls out on the reels, the player receives free spins a total of 9 spins. If in the process of the spins the Scatter falls out again, it becomes possible to add a few more free spins. Like any other independent symbol, the Doll brings profit. If five scatter images land, you get 50 coins; four scatter symbols – 10 coins; three Scatter symbols – 3 coins, and two scatters promise 2 coins. There also act the multipliers. The more images in the combination are the larger is the multiplier. If you enjoy free spins, we have a list of slots with free spins just for you.

There is a special and magical symbol – the Face of the Doctor Witch. When it forms a combination, the player is entitled to a mini game with free spins. The face also acts independently. For the combination of five symbols, you get a prize equal to a thousand coins. If four symbols fall out on the reels the payout is 500 coins, three – 50 coins. There also act the multipliers. The more images in the combination, the greater are the multipliers.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes