Free casino online games Blackjack casino game from 888 Games were created for fun and enjoyment - it is a great way to while away the leisure time. The user’s purpose in this game is to get 21 points. This kind of card game appeared in the distant XVI and XVIII century. Now, you can spend time playing it online with a hand or two.

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Blackjack casino game

Features of Blackjack machine

Each card of casino online app, which is received by user, has a certain value - an amount of points. Player needs to collect exactly 21 points to win the game or to assemble an alliance, which will be close to this value. But, what is more important, the union cannot be overloaded by the points.

How to play

Initially, the dealer gives two cards to each player. Thereafter, the options appear, for instance:

  • to take another card to get more points;
  • to refuse taking a new card (it is possible that the current value of union satisfies the player);
  • to split cards and play as two players.

If a player has to many points, the bet will be wasted.

Game Specs