La Bruja Fortuna
La Bruja Fortuna

Do you like witches or black cats and spell books? All these you will find in a free slot game La Bruja Fortuna by MGA company. This modern slot game has the theme of magic in the design and gameplay. The mystic aura is created with witches and fortune telling icons.

La Bruja Fortuna has a similar style of MGA video slots. The magic theme is one of the most popular among games developers. The main famous in this aria are The Lucky Witch video slot from Microgaming and The Wild Witches game slot machine from NetEnt. There are two of group of the biggest providers. So if La Bruja Fortuna video slot is going to find a place in this market, it should have something special for users.

MGA is a Spanish developer. So the video slot is in Spanish. There is an English version, which comes with little snippets of Spanish in titles and sounds. This feature adds some fun and exotic.

The layout looks like a classic form from a real slot machine. It has an artwork panel with the real, traditionally designed buttons. So during all the gameplay you push the buttons like on the real slot machine.

The background of a screen looks like a cave at a dark forest. There are also the best witch's friend on the panel – a black cat. The stereotypical candles and original music sounds add the atmosphere of magic.

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La Bruja Fortuna slot game review

How to play in this play free slot machine casino games

La Bruja Fortuna video slot has a lot of sealed buttons:

  • “Collect” button (big and red) – is used to collect the whole win combination;
  • the next big blue button is used to choose a number of spins. It opens the option menu where you can change the language, come to know some information about game levels and bonus games. Besides here you can turn on/off sounds effects and autorisk.
  • “Auto” button can spin the reels in auto regime as long as your balance is full of money;
  • “nudges” - three equal yellow buttons. It is an advance function, which makes reels to move forward one place seeking A winning comb. The number of advance vary from 1 to 4;
  • “play” button begins to spin the reels;
  • “bet” button may change the number of the bet.

Bonus in La Bruja Fortuna video slot

There are two game types in this online slot for android:

  1. in the main game the user decides if he want to get the win by pressing the “collect” button. By the way, he may risk by press the “play” button. In the risk game the user can get the upper prize or a bonus;
  2. to play in the upper game the user must achieve the bonus and have enough credits. Here the user may also choose to press “play” or “collect” button.

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Symbols in the casino slot machines

In spite of the witch theme the video slot has also traditional symbols. It may be called a mash of symbols and styles.

  • the main icons are super traditional. There are lemons, bells, strawberries and gems;
  • as well there are some special pictures, for example purple witches hat, a Spell Book and a crystal ball.

Mini games in La Bruja Fortuna

  1. to get a first mini game the user should collect 3 balls in a main game;
  2. open the second mini game the user can with 3 owls from the upper game;
  3. 3 witches from the upper game trigger the third mini game;
  4. the user will get the access to the fourth mini game getting a collection of 3 frogs from upper game.

There are 4 mini games in the slot machine. All they are triggered randomly when the user have certain paylines:

Game Specs
  • Automatic bonus Yes
  • Gamble Game Yes