A game with bonus rounds by MGA company is Roma slot machine. The fans of history, gambling and big wins will be pleased by a new video slot machine. Here you have two screens, which can be switch on during all the game. It depends on your luck and strategy. There are three rolls. The background of a screen is Roman monuments. The screen is quite busy. Here you can see a lot of buttons, some prompts, information about the bet, symbols combs and wild icons. The video slot design was made in a retro style.

MGA has its own manner in video slot creation. All games are made in English and Spanish versions. Nevertheless, in the English version the titles and sounds are in Spanish. The video slot layout usually looks like in a real slot machine from the casino. 

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Roma slot machine online

How to play in this casino slot machines play online free

Roma video slot has a lot of pins on the screen and very intuitive menu:

  • “Collect” key will help you to get the winning combs;
  • a blue button will be necessary if you are a fresher in gambling. It helps to choose a number of spins in every game round. Besides, you can open the setting menu. Here the language can be change from Spanish to English.  There is a lot of information about gameplay levels and bonuses. Also, you may turn on/off sounds effects and “autorisk” status.
  • “Auto” pin is used for spinning the reels. You may choose it as long as you have enough coins to play;
  • “nudges” – three equal yellow keys. This function movies dumbs to seek a comb for win. Each spin can award nudges;
  • “bet” pin changes the number of the bet. The user may bet either one, three or five  credits on the reels;
  • You may control the game using the “play” button.

Bonus in casino slot machine free games Roma 

There are two game types it the new game from MGA:

  1. in the first game round you can play with minimum bet. To play in a risk game you need to push the “play” pin. To play in a general game you should use the “collect” button;
  2. when your get the bonus and have enough money, the upper game bonus is triggered. Here there are also two push buttons – “play” and “collect”.

Symbols and special icons in Roma video slot machine

MGA is known as a very traditional developer. There are a lot of retro symbols in all its video slots.

  • the major pictures on the reels are classic – lemons, crystals, bells, strawberries and gems. Fruits value depends on the current bet level. Here you may expect from 1 to 12 credits. The bells may be expected from 6 to 15 credits. The crystals are the rarest. The comb of green, blue and red crystals can win the smallest bonus. 3 blue diamonds will give you 1,000-credit big win. 
  • as well there are some special pictures, for example chariots, shields and stadiums. All of them are the most common. The comb of it will give you 20 credits. The maximum prize is 1000 credits.

Mini games in Roma online slots to play for free

There are 4 mini bonus rounds for free in Roma slot machine. It can be triggered randomly:

  1. to get an access for rounds for free round you need to get 3 weapons;
  2. to open the pyramid game you may with 3 coliseums from the upper game;
  3. 3 chariots from the upper level trigger the races game.

The user will get the access to the roulette game getting a comb of 3 shields in upper game. If you like bonus games, then we highly recommend you to check out our list of slots with bonus games feature.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Respins Yes
  • Automatic bonus Yes
  • Gamble Game Yes