Western Saloon
Western Saloon

A game by MGA slots developer is The Western Saloon slot machine. This game was made for the far west fans. It's not a secret, that Wild West was a dangerous place for everyone. The developers add two screens. During the gameplay you may switch its on. The Western Saloon theme is popular among the video slots developers for it atmosphere of excitement and risk. There are:

  • three rolls;
  • 4 bonus games;
  • scatter icons;
  • wild symbols.

 The background of a screen is made in a Wild West style. The screen of The Western Saloon is quite busy. MGA video slots always are made in its own manner. On the screen there are a lot of symbols and data:

  1. a lot of buttons for game play;
  2. some prompts for beginners;
  3. information about the bets;
  4. pictures combs and wild icons.

 The Western Saloon design is made in a retro style. It is a business card of MGA.

 The other feature of MGA is the Spanish titles and sounds in English version of all video slots. In the Spanish version of games everything is in the same language. The layout of the video slot looks like in a real slot machine. 

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Western Saloon slot review

How to play in this online slots free games

 The Western Saloon video slot offers a lot of buttons. Nevertheless the menu is very intuitive:

  • “Collect” pin is used to collect the winning combs in both main and upper games;
  • “nudges” - three equal orange buttons movie the dumps to find some winning combs. Each spin may awards up to four nudges;
  • “Auto” key spins the reels in auto regime as long as your balance has enough coins;
  • “Info” button will tell you a lot of necessary information about game rules.  Here you can choose a number of spins in the beginning of a game. Also, you may open the tuning menu. Here the user may choose the language, Spanish or English. By the way, here there are a lot of information about symbols, bonuses and rules;
  •  in the “bet” box you may change the bet size. For every reel you can choose  one, three or five credits;
  • The “play” push button is the main the gameplay.

Bonus games in best slot machine games to play  

There are two game rounds it The Western Saloon video slot:

  1. in the first bonus round the minimum bets are used. Here you can choose between two playing ways. A risk game can be played with the “play” button. The general game can be played with the “collect” key. There is only one payline here.
  2. the upper round will be opened if you have the bonuses and enough credits. The upper game rules are the same. You should choose between “play” and “collect” keys. The main screen is differ. Here you can see a cowboy holding a  cards and a gun with a beautiful girl. The upper round has five pay lines. Each of the spin can activate the number of bonus points. The green, blue and red 7s are the most interesting symbols here, also worth up to 240 credits

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Special symbols in The Western Saloon video slot

The game machine has a lot of classical icons:

  • the basic icons are very traditional. There are bells, gems, crystals and some fruits (lemons, strawberries, plums). The fruits value depends on the current bets. It may be expected from 1 to 12 credits. The bells combs will give you from 6 to 15 credits. The crystals symbols are the rarest. The combs of green crystals can win from 8 to 24 credits. The combs of red crystals may pick up from 20 to 40 credits. At last the blue crystals combinations can win from 80 to 240 credits.
  • there are some special icons. You may find it in the upper game round. There are cowboy hats, deck of poker cards, golden revolvers, the sheriff star (the wild card of this play round). The green, blue and red 7s combs bring you to 240 credits. 

Mini games in The Western Saloon free slot machine games for phone

There are four bonus rounds for free in this new MGA slot machine. All of them are triggered randomly during all the gameplay.

Game Specs
  • Respins Yes
  • Automatic bonus Yes
  • Gamble Game Yes