European Roulette

When looking at the screen of the free slot machines, the first thing that catches the eye is the layout of the playfield. It is divided into several squares, columns and has letters and numbers. With the design, the knowledge of the European wheel begins.

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European Roulette casino game online

Management of gambling machine

All the squares on the screen (and not only) are the place where bets are made. Three longitudinal columns at the top of the playfield are separated into red and black cells with digits. They are in total 36, as it should be in European Roulette. On the side, there is also an arc with the number zero inside.

If it was a board game, this cell would be of great importance. After all, if the ball falls on it, all the gain would pass to a casino. But in the online game, there is no zero since you are playing with an electronic casino dealer.

The columns are the internal limits for bets. But there are also external, they are three large squares with numbers and letters. Notice the following symbols:

  • The first square – “1 to 18 even”;

  • The second square – red and black circles;

  • The third square – value of “19 to 36 odd”.

Roulette players call these squares an equal chance. But they only mean an opportunity to make some bets. And here we come to the most interesting part.

How to place bets

In any roulette slots games (and European roulette online is no exception) bets are made by putting the chips. In the game, there are chips of different values offered: 0, 25; 1; 5; 25; 100.

There is a label in the centre of the screen, on which it is written:

  • Minimum bet – 1;

  • Maximum bet – 100.

And that's just fine. The larger is the gap between the minimum and the maximum rates, the more options for gameplay and opportunities to win.

Let's talk about the stakes on the slot machines for free play. There are the following types of bets:

  1. Single (when one chip of any value is set on one of the 36 numbers).

  2. Dual Rate (two chips are set on any two numbers).

  3. Triple rate (three chips on any three different numbers).

  4. Care (four chips placed on any four different numbers).

  5. The sixth line (six chips on six numerical values).

  6. Equal chances on red or black (chips are placed on the red or black circles in the outer table).

  7. Equal chances on odd or even (chips can be placed on all even or odd numbers in the interior of the table columns).

  8. Equal chances for higher or lower (chips are placed on the outside of the layout, where the mark “1 to 18 even” or “19 to 36 odd”. To make it simpler: on the cell, which takes into account numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.

  9. There are is also a bet on the cross, where chips are placed on the line between the numbers.

  10. Bet on the corner, a chip is placed on corners, which form the line.

  11. Bet on the line.

How to always win on the video slot machines European Roulette

This is what online slot European Roulette is – you cannot win without a risk. It would seem that making the maximum bet was risky. However, placing chips wisely, you will always win.

The best combinations are:

  • Several small value chips bet on all possible equal chances;

  • Placing bets on crosses, corners, and lines with chips of the maximum value;

  • Combine both options with bets on the columns.

By the way, though the last option is risky, sometimes it brings the maximum payout. European Roulette online is a great opportunity to test your luck and with innumerable betting options. The higher the bet, the bigger the gain – so give this game a try and see for yourself how much entertainment it brings! You are still here? Go and play your favourite games!

This online game is also called the European wheel. And in fact, it is a true wheel of fortune. Rules of the game are very simple. After you have mastered them, it will be very easy to play on the slot machines free video game.

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