Spin The World
Spin The World

You do not have to book tickets or pack your suitcases and go through other circles of preparations hell with Spin the World free slot games for mobile developed by Games OS. It does not involve any peculiar symbols or other features like gamble or free spins. It is just a simple slot with 5 columns and great graphic which you can estimate right now in demo mode from the official provider on this page. Have you ever asked yourself – why is it reasonable to start from demo? Well, you have a chance to train for free using the virtual currency. Moreover, it helps you to estimate all pros and cons of slots gaming online and this Spin the World online slot machine in particular.

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Game Info
  • Wild Symbol no
  • Scatter Symbol no
  • Respins no
  • Freespins no
  • Active bonus no
  • Automatic bonus no
  • Super bonus no
  • Risk game no

How to play casino slot games Spin the World

If you think that it is impossible to visit Taj Mahal and Big Ben at the same time, you are wrong. Just alter all necessary configurations and press on Spin button. However, this virtual trip involves few preparations too: to define the total stake and choose the gaming mode.

All those parameters can be set within one minute and after it, you will be ready to make some cool print-screens of Moai figures or The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed. Moreover, if they are assembled in the winning events, you will estimate its cool graphic and animation.

Thus, use the following slots terms for setting the appropriate wager for you:

  1. Bet – this selector regulates the stake per line. First, it is used for calculating the total wager, second – for crediting rewards to you. The line cost starts from the minimal 0.5 per one strip and goes to the ultimate – 10 coins.
  2. Add line – activates 1 line for betting. If all 20 lines are chosen and you press on this button, it resets the amount of strips to 1 line and with each new click you can add one more strip. It is a bit irritating procedure as we think. That is why you may use the slot machines keys below for completing this step faster.
  3. Bet Max – sets all 20 lines at once and spins the reels.
  4. Numbers from 1 to 20 at the both sides of the reels – utilize any button for activating the necessary quantity of lines.

As about game flow, it can be triggered in any traditional mode – either ordinary or automatic. Just use the buttons Auto Spins or Spin for initiating appropriate one.

Free slots stuff

On its five columns and 20 alterable lines you can create diverse winning chains with 10 the most famous places in the whole world in free slot machines for iphone – Taj Mahal, Big Ben, Moai, The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, The Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Great Sphinx of Giza, Statue of Liberty and Sydney Opera House.

With all those pictures you can experience the winning chains that are created due to the following rules:

  • Assemble winning chains from the left reel.
  • Only activated lines pay if the winning event is created on them.
  • The reward is calculated considering the payment from Pay table multiplied by bet per line.

If spin is ended with the combo, it is animated and framed with peculiar colour (each slots online line has its own colour). Also, each strip shows its own reward and the tablet with win – the general outcome.

We like to test slots and see what it can bring to us. After few spins, we have collected diverse two of a kind combos that are the most frequent ones. Also, we managed to gather three of a kind and four of a kind with Big Ben. Even though, long winning chains are rare ones, with two of a kind it is possible to create nice pays, especially, if the highest stake is chosen.

For example, with 10 slots journey free coins bet we have created two of a kind with Moai (on 3 lines) and Leaning Tower of Pisa (on 3 lines). How to count the rewards? Read below:

  1. First, look at the Paytable. It highlights the assembled chains. Thus, we have gathered 4 coins for idols and 10 coins for tower.
  2. Second, sum up the same outcome on various lines. In such a way, we have collected 12 coins and 30 coins. In all – 42 coins.
  3. And the last step – multiply it by stake per line.

In such a way with a single spin we have collected 420 coins for slot casino tower and moai combos, which is two times more than our initial bet (if more precisely – 2.1 times).

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How to win Spin The World (cheats and tricks)

In any slot machine, your chances of winning pivot on RTP, the amount you have already spent and the amount you have won during the game. Besides, you should remember that, usually, a big win is 1,000 to 3,000 times the bet, so it makes no sense playing with a bet of 1 cent if you want to win more than USD 10–30.

So, in the following situations you will be better off doing as suggested:

Main rule:
  • Your prize per spin is 100 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Wild Symbol
  • You get a WILD in more than 40% of the fields but your prize is less than 50 times the bet — Keep on playing
  • You get a WILD in less than 40% of the fields — Keep on playing
  • You get a WILD in more than 40% of the fields and your prize is 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Scatter Symbol
  • You get Scatters twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • You get re-spins three times in a row with a prize of more than 5 times the bet — Move to another slot
  • You get free spins twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • You win 50 times the bet or more in free spins — Move to another slot
Active bonus
  • You get active bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The active bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Automatic bonus
  • You get automatic bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The automatic bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Super bonus
  • You get super bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The super bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Risk game
  • Your current win is exactly half of what you need to get to stop the game — Keep on playing
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