Hand To Hand Combat
Hand To Hand Combat

Online video slot Hand To Hand Combat is a simulation of the game that originated a long time ago and is popular so far – “Rock-paper-scissors”. The gameplay is built on the principle of scratch-fields that need to be scratched to find out the result. Microgaming company decided to distinguish this video game and designed the gaming world in the style of martial arts. The appropriate voice was chosen and the game audience began to include the fans of eastern themes, which like design in the spirit of the ancient traditions of this part of the world. Management is made as simple as possible in order to facilitate the gameplay. Due to this, even an inexperienced player will be able to fully play this video game without having any special knowledge.

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Hand To Hand Combat slot game review

The principle of the game

As in classic slot machines, you should start the round in Round Hand To Hand Combat by selecting the bet. You can do this by pressing + and - buttons located next to the Stake number, indicating the current volume of bets for the next game. The user can choose the stake within 0.5-10 credits.

Then you need to click New Card and the game begins. The playfield is located on the right side of the screen. Pressing the New Card, the player will close the cards which show rewards coefficient and turn the coins that display the used “move”. There are five lines in total, and you can receive the reward only when the winning is on three of them.

Coins placed on the left belong to the user. On the right, there are coins that are managed by the virtual opponent. The game is played on the classic rules:

  • Scissors beat paper;
  • Rock beats scissors;
  • Paper beats rock.

Also, the rules are presented in a visual form in the table, which is located on the left under the logo of the free slots only for fun, decorated with traditional lanterns. If the player cannot grasp the gameplay right, he will always be able to refresh the rules just by looking at this table. The convenience of the location is that it is not necessary to look for the button opening the help section on the screen, you can access it without any unnecessary movements.

You can open the coins and scratch the cards one by one in random order. If a player does not like to wait, he can use the Reveal All button, which will open all the cards and coins. If you receive any winnings, its size will be displayed in the section Win. The reward coefficient can reach 100 – it depends only on the personal luck of the gambler.

Such a simplicity is an advantage for many players, but it's worth noting that the target audience for free slot machines no sigh up Hand To Hand Combat is somewhat specific. Fans of classic machines equipped with rotating reels may be interested in the game only out of curiosity, and only a few will be really captivated.

A few demo versions of games can provide the opportunity to win as those where bets are made with real money. In the casinos [[$whereToPlayLinks]], the user will be able to try out the game for real money and win a much more. However, you might need certain tactics that you can work out on a free version of the game without risking anything.


The first thing that catches your eye when you turn on the casino slot machine Hand To Hand Combat – it is certainly well-done graphics. A well-chosen subject is also worth noting – in fact, opponents compete with their hands, and martial arts theme is the best suited for this condition. Therefore, the online free casino game pleases with wins two categories of players at the same time – fans of the game, which is the basis of the device and fans of oriental traditions.

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