Slot machines with 3 Lines – classics of gambling industry. Exactly this form had mechanic slots. Amount of playing lines in them was constant, players couldn’t change it in any way. When slot machines appeared in Soviet Union, they also had three active lines.

3 line slot games provide gamer with following possibilities:

  • Absorb into classics, into times, when slot machines were called “one-armed bandit”;
  • Don`t make complicated strategy of gameplay and just rotate wheels;
  • Play with familiar rules, not learning every time features of certain slot.

On our site, you can play free old slot games, compare, what slots you like more – standard or modern. All slots are available in free demo version. In order to try play on them, you shouldn`t register or send SMS. More than 150 freeslots are waiting for you. On 777 slot machine you can taste slot machines with traditional symbols:

  1. Fruit;
  2. Bells with script “bar”;
  3. Picture of playing card. 

Three and more

Free multi-line slots can offer three paying lines on the screen, but this doesn`t mean that they are obviously slots with 3 Lines. Contemporary 3 lines slot, having just three real lines, in practice contains:

  • 9;
  • 13;
  • 15;
  • 20;
  • 21;
  • 25;
  • And even 40 active lines – there are only the most popular variants.

The thing is, that electronics, which manages 3 line slot machines, calculates not only straight lines, but also lines made another way. As a result, digital 3 line slot has much more paying lines, than real one does. However, visually it still remains three lines only. 

Competitors of 3 line slot machines

Who and why plays on 3 lines slot today? This can cause perplexity, because there are much more interesting slots, at first sight. They can be:

  1. Slots based on Hollywood blockbusters. For example, Microgaming Company produced slots according such movies:
    • Lara Croft – Tomb Raider;
    • Game of Thrones;
    • Terminator 2;
    • Jurassic Park.
  2. Slot machines with 3d effects (for instance, Dracula);
  3. Slots with unusual rules and bonus games.

However, admires continue playing exactly on slots of old type. Why? There are several reasons:

  • Wish to play on the same slot machines, which were the beginning of player`s gambling “career”, sentimental recollection from childhood;
  • Wish to play enough: if in childhood player has to pay for each rotation,  nowadays gamers can enjoy free old slot games;
  • Simplicity of gameplay, unwillingness to "bother": choose amount of lines and calculate final bet;
  • Interesting features exactly in 3 line slot games. For example, there are slot, in which some combinations are created of playing cards, or slots with interesting characters (funny sheep from childish song). 

Where there are more chances

Player, who decides to play on slot machines for money or just for the sake of excitement, couldn`t stop bothering about such a question: what slots are the most profitable? Today, when slot machines have moved to the Internet, because of many reasons, it is difficult to answer such a question. Later, when slot machines were managed mechanically, players could follow frequency of winnings and make conclusions. Now theoretical return (interest of bets that has to come back in form of winnings) stays either directly in rules, or in documentation to the slot. Gamer always can learn size of this percent and take a decision, play on this slot or not. In fact, the difference amount slots in this meaning is slight, because in all slots it varies between 95% and 98%. 

Where it is better to play

If you have decided to start playing on 3 line slot machines, appears one question – where to play? Its answer depends on the reason of your play – just for entertainment or for money.

If the aim is to play for interest, you should choose Internet casino, where:

  1. Great variety of slots. Good number – several hundred;
  2. Assortment regularly renews. In the world exist hundreds of company-developers, which produce soft for computers and smartphones. That is why, slots come out practically every day. Among them you can find quite interesting examples;
  3. Convenient interface. This means pleasant background, simple and understandable search, informative description of a play;
  4. All slots are available free of charge. Today you can play on slot machines without spending a coin on free casino games – things that are necessary to notice, before acquaintance with gambling world.

 In case, if you want to play for money, first of all, you should care about your safety in chosen Internet resource, it must carefully protect your personal data including those, which are used while making Internet pay-outs. For example, pay attention on 777 free slot machine. 

What to begin with

Well, you decided to try your luck in old fashioned slot game? Good thought – it worth to know, what was the beginning of modern gambling industry. For this find on the portal`s menu “three-reeled slot”. Among slots with three wheels you will surely find examples with three lines. If you fail to see them through the menu, try to look at symbols: look for those slot machines, which contain script “bar”. Although, they may have more than three lines, these slots are surely simple in management. 3 reel slot machine odds are, in any case, not less than their “brothers” with great amount of lines have. So, why not choose any slot, for example, tabasco slot machine download, and start the gamer.