Coyote Moon

Try online slot game Coyote Moon from IGT company, it is absolutely free from complicated rules. Here you find live graphics, additional, multiplier, free spins – enjoy game and win!

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Coyote Moon slot game online play free

Game Info
  • Wild Symbol yes
  • Scatter Symbol no
  • Respins no
  • Freespins yes
  • Active bonus no
  • Automatic bonus no
  • Super bonus no
  • Risk game no
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Coyote Moon – enjoy wild nature

Producers like to create and gamblers like to play in slot machines dedicated to natural theme. Beautiful landscapes, wild animals, bizarre plants – everything attract people. That is why, IGT Company has decided to produce next slot Coyote Moon, absorbing gambler into the world of this dangerous and cunning predator.

Gameplay as it is

Well, in front of you rotate five reels, three rows of symbols, forty active lines, their number can be regulated by choosing such marks: one, five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty.

Per one line player can set one, two, three, five, ten, twenty, thirty and fifty credits. Size of the least bet in case, when all paying lines are active, is forty credits. Thereby, per one round it is possible to set to 2000 credits – perfect opportunity for highrollers to tickle their nerves.

Paying chains are those, which combine three, four, five symbols on one active line. It is fundamentally, that similar pictures go together, they can be divided only by wild symbol. About it we will talk below. Also are accepted only those chains, which begin from the first left reel.

We calculate winning by learning coefficient of a combination and bet per line. Independently on winning, there is no doubling game, the same as jackpot and bonus rounds.

Inscriptions on the control panel

Everything is extremely simple here, you can click on these windows yourself and read the following:

  • Spin – central button, it is responsible for reels rotation;
  • Lines – here you choose the amount of paying lines;
  • Line Bet – it is size of bet per line in credits;
  • Total Bet – sum of bet at all lines;
  • Win – winning for one round;
  • Balance – general accounts;
  • Auto Spin – automatic rotation;
  • Paytable – coefficients of symbols` combinations;
  • Game Rules – instructions.

Above the console, under wheels is represented gameplay and tips. Settings provide possibility to select level of graphics, and on bottom leftward there is function of turning off the sound.

Visit the Guide section to find out how to play on the slot machine. 

What symbols mean

Online slot machine Coyote Mood includes such symbols:

  • Deer;
  • Hummingbird;
  • Salamander;
  • Buffalo skull;
  • Numbers and letters given from sings of playing cards nomination.

Winnings from different combinations of these pictures stay in Paytable. Here you also find layout with special characters: wild in shape of howling coyote and Free Spins – mysterious red image.

Wild symbol can cover whole wheel, it often appears in the game by whole lines. It establishes paying chains according to general rules, and in addition plays role of replacement of other icons, when it stays in the center or at the beginning of certain combination.

Free Spin is not able to create winning rows, because it can appears solely on second, third and fourth reels. When three Free Spin symbols make a raw, gamer gets two advantages. Firstly he receives payout equals to general bets. Secondly, he is provided with five free spins, their bet is alike to number set in previous round.

It is wonder, but while appearance of Free Spins wild fall more often, than during general rounds, this function greatly increase payouts. If while free spins tour appear in row three Free Spin icons, the amount of free rotations will increase, limit – 225 times round.

In closing, we conclude that flash game Coyote Moon, being not the new one on video slots market, turned to be quite competitive in the world of modern models of slots. It won supremacy by great collection of functions, bright graphics, understandable interface – excellent set for interesting pastime.

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How to win Coyote Moon (cheats and tricks)

In any slot machine, your chances of winning pivot on RTP, the amount you have already spent and the amount you have won during the game. Besides, you should remember that, usually, a big win is 1,000 to 3,000 times the bet, so it makes no sense playing with a bet of 1 cent if you want to win more than USD 10–30.

So, in the following situations you will be better off doing as suggested:

Main rule:
  • Your prize per spin is 100 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Wild Symbol
  • You get a WILD in more than 40% of the fields but your prize is less than 50 times the bet — Keep on playing
  • You get a WILD in less than 40% of the fields — Keep on playing
  • You get a WILD in more than 40% of the fields and your prize is 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Scatter Symbol
  • You get Scatters twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • You get re-spins three times in a row with a prize of more than 5 times the bet — Move to another slot
  • You get free spins twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • You win 50 times the bet or more in free spins — Move to another slot
Active bonus
  • You get active bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The active bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Automatic bonus
  • You get automatic bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The automatic bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Super bonus
  • You get super bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The super bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Risk game
  • Your current win is exactly half of what you need to get to stop the game — Keep on playing
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