European Blackjack
European Blackjack

European Blackjack free casino table game by Betsoft Company – the next version of the popular “21” card game, in which the user plays against the dealer. This version allows you not only to gather at three cards sets at the same time, but increase also the chances of one hand, dividing it into two sets of cards. The player gets a certain advantage over the virtual opponent by more than the number of combinations. Thus, the user’s chances can be estimated like 3 to 1.

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European Blackjack casino table game

Gaming rules

The essence of the game, developed by the Betsoft studio corresponds to the usual blackjack game rules. The player has to collect a combination of cards, the sum of which will give 21 points, or as close to it meaning. The game is divided in rounds. Their number depends on the size of the rate and volume of your bankroll.

Running the European Blackjack casino card game play now demo application, you will find that the account already has 1,000 credits – the sum suitable for a detailed study of the game. The range of bets offered in the demo version, varies within 1-100 coins, which are assigned using the selected chips with their corresponding dignity.

Having defined with the rate and placing it on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd field, allocated on a virtual gaming table for the user's hand, it is possible to start the round. During the game you can collect:

  1. The combination of 2 cards, which will bring 21 points. In this case, blackjack is declared for the hand, that got a winning combination.
  2. A combination of 3 or more cards, the sum of which equals to 21. This is still a winning combination, but yielding smaller payments than blackjack.
  3. Cards set, which sum is as close as possible to the value of 21. If your hand were the cards that bring 17, 18, 19 or 20 points – leave them in the hand. There is a possibility that the dealer has formed a weak combination.
  4. Cards, bringing in the calculation of more than 21 points. If you have in the hand of 22 points or more –  this cards set loses automatically.

The benefits of each combination in the casino card game to play for joy is indicated, according the course of a few gaming stages – the distribution and exchange. However, to understand, how is lucky your hand is possible only, when the dealer gets his cards, and the results will be counted.

  • If your combination is more expensive than combination of your opponent, you get a reward at a rate.
  • If you have a drawn, on the account of the user returns the bet, made by the hand.
  • If your hand is weaker, than the combination of the dealer, the chips are debited to the account of a virtual opponent.

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Control panel

To take full advantage of “European Blackjack”, you should be familiar with the control panel and to deal with the functions of the buttons on it.

Thus, at the bottom of the screen, under a virtual gaming table, you will find:

  1. Casino chips of various denominations intended to bid.
  2. “Deal” button, launching the start of distribution.
  3. “Clear” key – clears the field from the tender, if you change your mind and want to assign the new chips on each of the available arms.

Also, on the panel of this casino card game to with no deposit are presented the “Split” and “Double”, which are not active during the first gaming stage.

The value of the key changes after the deal, and the locked buttons are available. When a user got on his hands on the first sets of cards, he can:

  • Use the “Hit” button to get the card.
  • Click the “Stand” button to leave the hand as it is.
  • Press the “Split”, to share maps and to collect not one but two combinations in one hand.
  • Click the “Double” key to double the bet on his hand.

Value of cards

To understand how goes the calculation in the European Blackjack casino card game is available with the cost of each playing card.

  1. Younger cards (2-9), bringing the number of points in accordance with their dignity.
  2. Seniors Card (10-K) is estimated at 10 points.
  3. Ace – card, whose value can vary depending on the combination of assembled arms. It can bring from 1 to 11 points.

Remember, to collect the combinations, that much more dangerous to get over the cards than their shortage. If at the end of the exchange on the hand has 17 points, the user has more perspectives than if the hand dial 23 points and automatically shows up losing. Connect new elements of card deck wisely. It is not recommended, unless the combination after the deal has 14-16 points. If the sum of the values in the range of 8-11 points, you feel free to take another card.

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