Run Chicken Run
Run Chicken Run

Try new entertaining product from Games OS developed online slot game Run Chicken Run. This cartoon-themed game is built with 30 wagering lines and diverse features giving you the possibility to create winning chains, collect the Egg Pot and participate in Guess Who feature. Thus, can you predict who will be the next – chicken-boy or chicken-girl? Well, let us be a bit specific and reveal more peculiarities about this game.

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Run Chicken Run slot game with free bonus

Excursion to hen-house – learn each detail about it

This virtual hennery by Games OS is created with 30 alterable roosts and 5 columns on which various symbols are running. Under the columns the settings panel is placed. It helps you to regulate your slots online betting sum, as well as choose the mode for playing this slot. Thus, have a glace on all those tools or read below the data we have prepared for you.

Total bet is calculated considering the amount of lines multiplied by its cost set by user. Thus, change the general stake altering the following two parameters and the henhouse will be ready to reveal all its amenities to you:

  • Line Price – this selector places the value of one line. You can change it from the minimal point 0.20 up to the highest – 2. 
  • Bet One – activates one line. Utilizing its ‘+’ or ‘-’ arrows you can set for slot machines how many lines to play. However, from our own experience, the fastest way to set appropriate amount of lines is to click on any number from 1 to 30 placed besides the reels.
  • Bet Max – turns on 30 lines. 

As about modes, you know what to do with them: Spin triggers one spin, whilst Auto Spin – the series of self-regulated rounds. Just choose which one you prefer. Anyway, automatic rotations can be broken any second with Stop button.

Funny chickens and their hobbies in Run Chicken Run slot

Eight chickens live in Run Chicken Run slot. All of them have their own hobbies and interests, thus you will easily distinguish each slot machines pictures on the reels, if you spin it for a while. However, there is the actual question – how pays are credited if any winning event happens on the lines? From this point, the rules for this provider’s slots are traditional:

  1. Winning chains are counted only from the left reel.
  2. Any combo may occur only on the activated strip.
  3. All schemes for creating winning events are listed at the Paytable.
  4. The pays from the Paytable are enlarged by stake per line.

Read about our own experience. First, we have activated all wagering lines and set the highest free slot games stake per line. We have been spinning reels for a while, and as result – we have gained luxurious prize:

  • Four of a kind with judo chicken – 70 coins
  • Three of a kind with judo chicken – 10 coins 
  • Three of a kind with charming chicken with bow-tie – 6 coins.

What does it mean? Well, first we need to sum up all those wins – 86 coins. We have set the highest stake per line – 2. Thus, the total outcome is 86 coins x 2 coins = 172 coins. Use this template for calculating your wins. Of course, slot games play online reveals it automatically to you, but it is pleasant to know each detail about the gaming process.

Collect all golden eggs in one pot

Run Chicken Run game gives you numerous features; just complete the certain requirements for getting them. There are four peculiar icons rewarding players with special amenities and they are the following ones:

  • Wild – it creates the winning events with ordinary icons. When you have uncompleted winning chain on the reels and wild too, it will replace the missed item. 
  • Bonus – picture with hen and bonus sign on it. Just create minimum three of a kind with this online slots free bonus pictogram and you will trigger the ‘Guess Who’ game.
  • Jackpot – Golden Egg. Collect 25 golden eggs and you will get your reward.
  • Multiplier – white egg symbol. Its combinations starting from two eggs increases your EggPot.

Whilst Wild does not require additional explanations, we would like to write a bit more about ‘Guess Who’ and ‘EggPot’ features.

‘Guess Who’ is funny game with five attempts given to plyer to predict the sex of chicken-born! Yes, it is a bit weird, but if you are right, all your guessed rewards will be summed up and multiplied by your bet per line.

As about ‘EggPot’ it is a kind of online slots jackpot that is activated when you place on betting minimum 0.5 coins total stake. It is a guaranteed prize to you, because if you collect 25 golden eggs, you will be paid out your reward. Screen with eggs shows how many eggs you have collected, as well as the activated multipliers. Moreover, when you gather those eggs in the hennery, you may increase the total sum of jackpot catching multipliers. You have a right to increase the pot three times just get minimum 2 eggs doubling the sum, three – tripling, four – four time and five – five times increasing.

Each time you make a spin in slot games android, certain sum is deducted to your ‘pot with eggs’. When we have assembled 25 eggs, we have collected just 561 coin and x2 multiplier just once during the accumulating.

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Game Specs
  • Active bonus Yes