Six Shooter Looter
Six Shooter Looter

The slot machine Six Shooter Looter from the company Microgaming is a scratch card game in which you have to help the cowboy to pass through dangerous traps to rob the bank. The classic version of board gambling entertainment, in which with the aid of dice you get the number of cells that can be completed in one move. Only, in this version instead of dices, here you have to spin the pistol drums. The maximum number of steps that you can do at a time is six. Overcoming distance and avoiding the traps, you need to get to the bank where the jackpot is stored.

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Six Shooter Looter slot machine review

How to play on the gambling slot machine Six Shooter Looter

The online slot for fun Six Shooter Looter – is a game in which you need to move the main character on the board, passing the suitable number of cells in a single turn. The number of rotations of the drum (the equivalent of throwing dice) is limited. You have 6 moves to achieve the main goal – the final line, after which is hidden a big win.

At different stages of the game, you will come across the red circles with skulls; these are cells with dangerous traps. When a player is in this cell, the hero will be shot which leads to the completion of the round. If you manage to pass the red circle, try to go to other marks – the golden coins with numbers.

The number indicated next to the coin – is a multiplier for the total bet. The further you go, the higher are the coefficients for the calculation of the winning combinations. According to this, to get a big win, you need to try to move as far as possible from the start point.

Rules of the game in the video slot

The basic instructions for the slot video Six Shooter Looter are associated with the betting system and the descriptions of payments. The gameplay is quite understandable, and it isn’t difficult to understand the functions of particular cells. So, on the field, you will find cells of different colours:

  • The blue circles – are a safe zone, through which the main character can pass, overcoming the distance to the finish line;
  • The red circles – are the cells where it is better not to fall. Stepping on the skull, the hero will die, and the round comes to an end;
  • The golden cells – are the cells with multipliers. If at least one circle is left behind, at the end of the current game, you will receive the winnings.

The main thing – is to try to go as far as possible for the designated six moves. Then, even in the case of a sudden end the game, you will be awarded in an amount calculated from the major multiplier.

Rates and payments on the one armed bandit Six Shooter Looter

The rates in the casino video slot for fun Six Shooter Looter range from 0.5 to 10 coins per round. By clicking on the - or + arrows in the Stake box, you can assign the value of the round. Due to the factor that the multipliers are constant values, the opportunity to get a bigger prize appears when you assign a significant value for one round. So, playing with 0.5 credits, if you pass the first prize cell you will receive only 1 coin as a reward. If you assign 10 credits – you will get 20 of them.

While moving around the game board is worth remembering that:

  • The winnings depend not on the cell in which your character stopped, but on the latter passed prize circle.
  • In one round you can get only one award.
  • The payment is calculated based only on one multiplier. If you have passed the mark X2, X3 and X5, the final prize will be equal to the rate multiplied by 5 times.

The maximum gain provided in one round (the jackpot the machine) in this online video slot free is equal to a bet x10 000. The minimum gain is equal to two round-values.

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