Plunder The Sea
Plunder The Sea

Plunder the Sea slot machine online from Microgaming developer that has two game screens and one setting. You are offered to play on the already established rate of 10 coins. The game rules are so simple that even inexperienced novice will cope them. The game process is exciting.

Casino slot machine for free is devoted to the treasure hunting on the seabed. You will meet there slugs, shrimps, starfish, octopus, fish-devil, skate, gold fish, whale and grampus. Meeting with each inhabitant promises solid points. The larger the animal is, the more bonuses you can get. The most thrilling thing of the game is to find the cherished treasure chest and raise it to the surface.

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Plunder The Sea slot machine

Bonus values

Plunder the sea free slot machine on mobile has two games. The first one demands to score the maximum number of points, the second one – to open the treasure chest. The more points you have got in the preliminary game, the more chances you have to win worthy money in the second game. If you deal with small change in the first game, it is more likely you will find an empty chest with fish bones in the second one. Before you indulge in serious game, look what fish brings the biggest wins.

You can learn general rules of slot machine games at the How to play slot machines section of our website.

The most expensive symbols are next:

  1. Whale. You can get 100,000 credits for its picture;
  2. Gold fish will give 50,000 points;
  3. Grampus – 25,000;
  4. Seal – 10,000.

Medium gain of 2-3 gold coins you can receive from such animals:

  • Slug – gives 50 bonuses;
  • Serpent – 200 bonuses;
  • Turtle – 100 bonuses.

The smallest points are given by:

  1. Octopus – 50 points;
  2. Skate – 30 points;
  3. Shrimp – 20 ones;
  4. Starfish – 10 ones.

First mini-game

You are offered to play two mini-games. The first one demands to guess three marine inhabitants of six options. You will see six circles. Press the ones you like more. The number of points you have earned will be displayed under each sea animal you have guessed right.

You should concentrate your gut feeling that it prompts the most correct answer. The further course of events depends on your ability to guess. Once you have chosen, the remaining cells burst. The points of their inhabitants are displayed too.

To go to the second stage and play another decisive mini-game, just press the “Reveal all” button.

Free slot machine second mini-game

After you have clicked on the appropriate button, the water bubble around the chest explodes and its lid flies open.

Depending on how many points you have got in the previous round, you can obtain:

  • Fish skeleton;
  • 2-3 gold coins;
  • The maximum winning of 5 coins.

The more points you score, the more likely you will get the maximum payout. If you have a miserly amount of points, you will receive a trifle.

The probability of winning

It is impossible to ensure that you will get a solid win definitely for a large amount of points. Both winning and losing depend on the chance. But the fans of casino slot machines have noticed: the larger the animal is, the better amount of bonuses you have. Goldfish is the only exception: it is a marvelous creature whose function do not meet the existing ones.

A big bonus amount usually lures the luck in the second mini-game. As folk wisdom tells, money begets money. Only due to very unfortunate circumstances cannot you gain the win for Whale or Grampus. Blank chest occurs rarely so it is not necessary to talk about it.

More often solid winning of the first game attracts a large prize in the second game. Learn more about Bonuses of slot machines in the special section of our site.

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