Witches Cauldron
Witches Cauldron

Witches Cauldron online video slot was created by Pragmatic Play company. The game is played on traditional 5 reels and adjustable number of lines: the players can activate from 1 to 20 paylines to play. The main theme of the game is brewing potions. Moving through the story, the player gets chances to receive bonus points and get to play bonus rounds. Like slots with Magic theme, we have more of these on the website.

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Witches Cauldron online video slot with prize game

Game Info
  • Wild Symbol yes
  • Scatter Symbol yes
  • Respins no
  • Freespins yes
  • Active bonus no
  • Automatic bonus no
  • Super bonus no
  • Risk game no

Bet range

The lower part of Witches Cauldron slot machine contains the control panel with buttons for choosing the bets and lines. Using the additional buttons, the players are free to set the desirable number of lines (it doesn’t depend on chosen bet in any way) in casino free.

There are separate buttons for setting the bets. By pressing right button, the player can increase the bet level, up to the maximal value of 5 euros. The left button will increase the bet level, and the minimal value is 1 cent. The overall bet ranges from 0,2 to 2 coins.

The right part of the control panel contains a window with information on last sum received by the player, including all multipliers and other bonuses.

Winning combinations

The magical attributes of the Witch are the valuable symbols of this slot games. From all the symbols that you can possibly get on the reels, those give the biggest prizes, hence the combinations with them are the most profitable ones.

The best combinations are those that contain several identical symbols with such images as:

  1. Pot with mortar
  2. Big snakes.
  3. Hourglass.
  4. Magical pudding.
  5. Vials with potions.

The combination of pots with mortars allows to win:

  • 5 coins for two symbols;
  • 50 coins for 3;
  • 400 for 4;
  • 4000 for 5.

The combination of several hourglasses gives:

  • 3 coins for 2 symbols;
  • 30 for 3;
  • 150 for 4;
  • 500 for 5.

Magical pudding in slot machines will grant you:

  • 2 coins for 2 symbols;
  • 20 coins for 3 symbols;
  • 100 for 4;
  • 400 for 5.

The combinations for vials with potions:

  • 2 coins for 2 symbols;
  • 15 for 3;
  • 75 for 4;
  • 300 for 5.

But there’s more to this game that just simple combinations. There is a chance of getting several winning combinations on the reels at the same time, after just one spin.

Special symbols

Witches Cauldron slots for fun play have a Wild and a Scatter. If the Wild Symbol, depicting a Black Cat, gets into a combination, the prize for this combination will be multiplied.

Several symbols of the Black Cat will give additional prizes for combination:

  • 20 coins for two images;
  • 200 for 3;
  • 2 000 for 4;
  • 10 000 for all five.

The Scatter depicts a Spell book. It can appear at any line, and will give you free spins for combinations of three and more symbols:

  • Three spell books will give player 7 free spins;
  • For 4 symbols the player gets 15 slot machines free spins;
  • 5 symbols will allow player to spin the reels for free 30 times.

Prize game

To make the gaming process even more interesting, the developers of Witches Cauldron game have created a special bonus game, that brings additional points and monetary prizes.

The slots free bonus symbol depicts a Witch, and the prizes for combinations with Witch are:

  • From 10 to 880 bonuses for three symbols with a Witch;
  • From 50 to 4 400 bonuses for four Witches at the reels;
  • From 200 to 17 600 bonuses for 5 images.

To get additional points in this game, the player has to try hard while brewing the magical potion with the Witch herself. The player gets points by pressing the bunches of herbs and mystical liquids in various bottles.

Each potion ingredient has its own sum of points as a slot online games bonus. The game goes on until the player presses on the magical item, that will change Witch into a dragon. When it happens, the bonus game ends.

The player’s score is being converted into monetary equivalent, and the final win will be shown in the right window.

If you want to play this game with more features so visit casinos and enjoy the full mode.

How to win Witches Cauldron (cheats and tricks)

In any slot machine, your chances of winning pivot on RTP, the amount you have already spent and the amount you have won during the game. Besides, you should remember that, usually, a big win is 1,000 to 3,000 times the bet, so it makes no sense playing with a bet of 1 cent if you want to win more than USD 10–30.

So, in the following situations you will be better off doing as suggested:

Main rule:
  • Your prize per spin is 100 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Wild Symbol
  • You get a WILD in more than 40% of the fields but your prize is less than 50 times the bet — Keep on playing
  • You get a WILD in less than 40% of the fields — Keep on playing
  • You get a WILD in more than 40% of the fields and your prize is 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Scatter Symbol
  • You get Scatters twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • You get re-spins three times in a row with a prize of more than 5 times the bet — Move to another slot
  • You get free spins twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • You win 50 times the bet or more in free spins — Move to another slot
Active bonus
  • You get active bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The active bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Automatic bonus
  • You get automatic bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The automatic bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Super bonus
  • You get super bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The super bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Risk game
  • Your current win is exactly half of what you need to get to stop the game — Keep on playing
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