The slot Keno lottery online from RTG company – is an emulator of one of the world's oldest lotteries. The history of this game goes back to the days of ancient China. There is evidence that exactly this gambling play allowed at one time build the Great Wall. Throughout its history, which began in the 2nd century BC, the game underwent a lot of changes, but a number of features remained the same – it is an opportunity to test their luck and intuition, without any special effort. Read more about the history and rules of Keno in the section of our website devoted to this theme.

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Keno lottery online

How to play Keno on the device from RTG

The free slot game Keno from the developer RTG is popular due to the following advantages:

  • Extremely simple rules;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Pleasant visual concept;
  • Impressive opportunities to win.

The rules of the game are perfectly familiar to anyone, who has the experience of playing the lottery, because for most of them the game keno has served as a prototype. This game does not require the user to have any advanced knowledge and skills. The main goal of the player is to cross out the numbers on the playing field, which then will coincide with the fallen numeric combination.

After starting the game on the screen of the video slot appears a field with 80 numbers. It is possible to select from 1 to 20. It is important to remember that the size of the prize is inversely proportional to the amount of selected numbers. In other words, the smaller is the number of selected numbers by the player, the higher is the payout amount and vice versa. The game algorithm is as follows:

  1. The user determines, how much numbers he is ready to cross out and what the numbers are;
  2. With one mouse click the player selects the number (after this, the numbers are crossed out, which makes the gameplay even more reminiscent of the lottery);
  3. The user selects, how many rounds he is ready to play with the selected combination. This is done by using the buttons Play 1, Play 5, Play 10, where the numerical indicator corresponds to the number of rounds;
  4. The winning combination is determined;
  5. The winnings are credited to the account.

The possibilities of winnings in Keno from RTG

One of the main advantages of the slot game Keno is that exactly this casino game has the highest advantage of the players in front of the dealer. This figure achieves an impressive mark of 27, 04%. Illustrate the causes of this nice features is quite easy, and for this, there is no need to have advanced math skills. If out of 80 numbers available in the ticket of the virtual version of the lottery the player chooses the maximum allowable number (20), the chance to win up is neither more nor less than 25%. Such indicators do not have any game machine.

Like most other forms of gambling, the keno has its own winning tactics, which with varying degrees of success are used by the players. Among them are the Martingale system and d'Alembert, a series of numbers, the principle of reverse cases, and many others. They are detailed described on our website in the section Strategy.

The design of the Keno game from RTG

The interface of the slot machine for free play organically combines convenience and pleasant appearance. In the centre of the game screen is the scoreboard with the numbers. On each side of it, there are two major information cells with auxiliary data. In them, the player can learn about the payout ratio and the statistics of previous wins. In the lower left corner is a box that displays the balance on the player's account. On the right side is a cell, through which you can learn about the current prize. In the middle of the control panel are three game start buttons, which features have been described in the preceding section of the article. However, if you enjoyed the demo version and want to try your luck in the real game visit the [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casinos.

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