Divine Ways
Divine Ways

Free slot machine games to play Divine Ways is a slot machine from Red Tiger Gaming company, which offers the players a gamein a mythical oriental atmosphere. Combinations of symbols and special images, which activate the playing advantages, appear during the game on 5 reels and 20 constant paylines. When you spin the reels in the entourage of the Celestial Empire fairy world, get game benefits and increase the chances of winning!

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Divine Ways online slot with free bonus

How to play Divine Ways

To play the best slot machines free Divine Ways, take the credits on the account of the slot demo version. Dispose the sum wisely: assign a rate for a single spin and change this parameter in the Total Stake box. The minimum bet is 0.2 credits for the spin, which is 0.01 credits per line. The maximum one is 500 credits for spin that is 25 coins per line.

Depending on the bet size, payouts for the prize combinations of symbols will be assigned. The higher rate, the greater payout is. On the other hand, when the rates are high, the number of spin is reduced becausethe spin rate is deducted from the account for each rotation.

Select the game mode. Determine how it is convenient for you to rotate the reels. Launch each spin separately and change bets between the spins by pressing a circular button with arrows. If the session is conducted on a stable rate, assign a series of automatic spins by pressing the Auto button.

Divine Ways slot symbols, combinations and payouts

Slot machines gambling online combinations are the most important results of the game, on which they are built. The chain of symbols brings wins; therefore, the player spins reels in a hope to collecta sequence of identical images. The pictures make a combination when they are arranged in sequence from left to right starting with the first reel. If three images are located in a row starting with the second or the third drum, this combination will not bring the winningbecause it does not meet the conditions of the game.

Understand what combinations are the most profitable to collect. Open the paytable by clicking on the Pays button. All the symbols and coefficients are described on the second page of the additional window. Coefficient isa multiplier for the bet per line, which operates when a combination of 3, 4 or 5 symbols falls.

The chains of three images are formed in the game more often. Compare, what coefficients operate for such sequences with different symbols participation. Figures and letters bring very small payments. Three images in a row multiply the rate by 4-8 times. When the whole chain falls, it brings the coins to the account, but their amount does not pay off the cost of a spin. The pictures with mythical creatures are estimated higherand are paid at higher multiples.

The most significant symbol in the game is a gold coin. That image brings the biggest payouts in the Divine Ways free slot machine for you and performs specific functions:

  • The coin is a wild symbol therefore it extends the sequences and substitutes the missing images;
  • If the coin is involved in the combination, it “breeds”. So, the picture can cover the whole screen. If it happens, the player will receivea reward of 800 for the bet on a spin.


Slot machine to play for fun free Divine Ways offers neither free spins nor risk game. However, the game advantages such as random directions of wild symbol cloning, makes it possible to assemble chainsbringing major benefits. Spin the reels, find a gold coin among the pictures and get large, giant and divine payouts. That are the prizes depending on the win size for a spin. Try to assign different rates, follow the dynamics and play free for your pleasure!

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