Wild Fight
Wild Fight

Online slot Wild Fight from Red Tiger Gaming studio is game on five wheels, three rows and 20 paying lines. It is dedicated to the theme of Eastern fights. Wild master that appears on random wheels will help you to collect the longest combinations in game and get large winnings. Free spins and immediate bonuses are useful for filling up game balance by prize credits without additional expenses.

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Wild Fight online slot with free bonus

How to play in slot Wild Fight

Activating demo game Wild Fight, make sure that your browser is equipped with the current version of Adobe Flash Player, which is necessary for correct game start. Choose slot machine from catalog, click at it by the left mouse button, and begin free session. On playfield already exist 1 000 credits – sufficient sum for close contact with the game.

In bottom left part of the screen, in section Total Stake is set indicator by default – 2. This is amount of credits, which is taken from deposit at start of wheels rotation. At such number of general bet it is possible to make 500 rotations while gameplay. However, user can change parameters of bet according to his wish. In free version of slot range of indicators varies in limits of 0,02-500 for one spin.

Selecting bet, pay attention on:

  • On amount of fee for a spin depends number of available rotations. Placing bet in size of 500 credits, you can star just two spins for sum 1000 coins. Placing minimum number – 0,2 credit, you can rotate wheels 5000 times;
  • Amount of bet influences volume of payout. At bet 1 credit payout of minimum chain with coefficient x5 will bring only 5 coins, at bet 10 credits and with the same coefficient, prize is 50 coins.

As soon as you determine amount of bet per spin, you can directly start rotations. Game allows making rotations in two ways: manually and automatically. Starting change of pictures himself, you can choose another bet in any moment between spins. In addition, you are able to stop rotations, before program time expires. Setting regime of autoplay by pressing Auto button, you activate row of independent consecutive spins with fixed bet. Range can include from 10 to 100 rotations.

 Pictures and prizes in slot machine Wild Fight

Casino slot Wild Fight, as well as majority of five-reeled slots, proposes three categories of pictures, which differ from each other not only by appearance, but also by value. Rotating reels you find following symbols.

Cheap symbols – five images of card nominals from ten to ace. Such pictures appear on wheels quite frequently, that is why they create chains more likely. Minimum consequence of symbols this group brings winning in amount 5-10 bets per line. Taking into account that game contains 20 active lines, the largest prize for three icons in a row pays off only a half of cost for a spin. It leads to a conclusion that frequent playing combinations consider being unprofitable. Cheap symbols bring benefit only creating combination of five pictures in a row.

Expansive symbols – five pictures connected with fights. Such pictures at appearance of three images on a line, provide payouts from x15 to x 30 bets. Only 3 of 5 pictures from this group pay off or bring winnings over costs.

Special pictures – images, which appear on wheels in unusual way, they fall quite rarely, however, implement useful functions and activate benefits:

  1. Wild symbol – portrait of kung-Fu master. Such a picture in free slot machine with free spins fall randomly on any of five reels in any occasional cell while rotation. They stay on their places till spin finishes. When wheels stop their movement, player can receive profitable combinations, completed by joker. Besides, if in columns appear chain of wild symbols in a row, beginning with the first reel, such a combination will bring prize in amount x40-x150 bets per a line, in dependence on the combination length;
  2. Scatter symbol – picture of dragon. Such a picture appears only on 1, 3 and 5 wheels. If with the finish of spin on the screen fall three such symbols – bonus round starts, it is row of free spins;
  3. Bonus symbol – golden gong, which falls only in central column. Symbol appears on the playfield rarely enough, but if user manages to catch it on the third reel, he will be lucky to receive prize in amount of x888 bets.

In order to learn detailed tablet of payouts and active lines, push button Pays at the console. In additional window at three pagers is represented description of special symbols` work, coefficients for combination of different length and play lines structure.

Bonus rotations

Three scatter symbols falling on playfield start range of free spins. Amount of free rotations is determined occasionally: on the screen appears punching bag, for which the main character of the game gets a series of blows. Dependently on “beaten” scores will be determined duration of prize round.

While bonus spins credits are not taken from gamer`s balance. However, any prize combination fills the score. That is why free rotations consider being the most profitable and relatively available play benefit.

Game Specs
  • Freespins Yes (5)