Online video slot Supernova no download required is devoted to space bodies of the same name, that appear inside the stars after various processes. Quickspin company approached its goal of creating a qualitative game on subject of interplanetary travel with all due responsibility and fantasy.

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Supernova slot online with free rounds

Slot’s mechanics

The online slot machine is played on 5 reels, divided in 2 blocks. First one, consisting of three reels, combines six different symbols. Sequential combination of several symbols of the same kind gives a certain prize. The prize is calculated by multiplying the bet per line by symbol’s coefficient.

Then the fourth reel of free slot games with bonus rounds is started. This spin may end up in player getting one of the multipliers, or a black hole symbol. In first case the prize is being multiplied by this number and the fifth reel starts spinning, that, once again, might end up with multiplier or black hole. In second case the round ends and the player gets his prize transferred to his casino slot online free games account.

To start a spin, one has to press a button with arrow key in the bottom right corner. Below this button there is an Autoplay function button. It allows to spin the reels automatically several times (5, 10, 25, 50 or 100) without pressing the Spin button each time – the reels are spinning by themselves. This process can be stopped any moment by pressing the “Stop” button. The counter of remaining automatic spins is located next to this button.

Paytable button opens three information pages. Use them to learn basic slot machines free game rules and coefficients for combinations of various symbols. Below it there is a square that speeds up the spinning animation and process of calculating the prize.

A special field in the bottom of the screen contains important information. It contains such fields as: balance counter, total bet counter, graphics quality option, “turn on/off sound” switch and a full screen button; clock.

Combinations and payments of free us slot machines

There is a special Win window, showing your last win. To the left of this window there is a pop-up window with the bet list, allowing to choose a Total bet from 8 given options from 0.25 to 12.50. This number is automatically being divided by 25 to calculate the bet per line for one successful combination. There are 27 active lines in this slot.

The combination contains six star symbols. Three of those depict simple stars with red, green or violet glow.  They will give you a x3 multiplier. Other symbols are supernovas. The green and blue ones are equal, three of those symbols will give you a x15 multiplier. Sequence of three yellow supernovas will multiply your prize by 50.Learn more about slot machine game strategies.

Bonus elements of all slots app

 Wild symbols appear at first three reels of the slot and substitute for any kind of star. Multipliers of 4th and 5th reels include the number, that determines a coefficient, and a special color design: blue, green, yellow or red. Also, you can get a black hole animation at the second reel – they you’ll get your prize, and the all slots bonus game ends. Additional risk games and bonus rounds weren’t included in Supernova slot by Quickspin company. List of all slot machines can be found in section free slots on our website.

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Game Specs