Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider

All those, who somehow is familiar with the world of online slot game, should know that often the characters are so colourful and whole that they are no longer associated exclusively with the gaming subculture. Enough to recall the heroes of such anthologies as Mortal Combat, Hitmen, Super Mario Bros and, of course, the queen of computer games Lara Croft. The legendary slot game Tomb Raider character has already become an iconic hero of Hollywood blockbusters, video clips, songs. It's impossible to underestimate the influence of the lady Croft on pop culture.

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Tomb Raider slot game online for free

Game rules

Experts from Microgaming company could not walk by such an interesting subject and dedicated one of their most famous free slot machines online to Lara Croft. Slot Machine Tomb Raider is not the only precedent in the history of the manufacturer. The company has a range of devices based on video games: Hitman, Battlestar Galactica, and others. However, it is Tomb Raider that has become the most popular due to the following reasons:

  • qualitative graphics;
  • well-known story;
  • large payout ratios;
  • user-friendly interface.

Slots free online strategy is to collect on one line as much of identical images as possible. Their minimum number is three. After a launch, a user can watch a short but bright video clip. It introduces basic plot of the game and lists some of the winning features. “Skip” button will close this window.

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Controlling the device

For those who are fortunate enough to be familiar with the products of Microgaming, it will be a piece of cake to deal with the nuances of management. The menu is traditional for the slots from this manufacturer:

  1. “SPIN” button activates the main mode of reel rotation;
  2. “SELECT LINES” helps to set the number of active lines;
  3. “SELECT COINS” specifies bets;
  4. “BET MAX” runs the game at a maximum rate for the most daring players.

In addition, at the top right, there is a button that turns on a silent mode. Slots games are accompanied by gloomy, atmospheric music that totally suits the slot, though it can draw away somebody’s attention. To view the payout table, which describes in detail the rules and rates, click on “VIEW PAYS” inscription. To the left of the control panel, there is an “EXPERT” writing. This button activates an expert mode, which will be specified further below.

Symbols and layout

The main playfield consists of 5 reels, each of them simultaneously displays three symbols vertically. They switch after each spin. The device allows using up to 15 paylines simultaneously. Their number can be set with the appropriate button on the control panel. The game has 11 symbols:

  • Gold artefact (up to 2500 credits);
  • Portrait of Lara Croft holding two crossed guns;
  • Game logo (up to 7500 credits);
  • Artefact map (up to 500 credits);
  • Crouching Lara Croft with a gun (up to 500 credits);
  • Tiger (up to 250 credits);
  • A (up to 125 credits);
  • K (up to 100 credit payment);
  • Q (up to 100 credit payment);
  • J (up to 75 credits of payment);
  • 10 (up to 75 credits).

Game modes

Microgaming has predicted that various categories of players can get interested in the slot machine, as the popularity of Lara Croft is incredibly high. In this regard, the developers have equipped their brainchild with two possible game modes.

  1. main;
  2. expert.

In the first case, the menu, mentioned above, appears in front of a player. In the second case, the menu is complemented by extra buttons, which enable to set the parameters of free online casino games for 5 or 10 spins in advance. This is especially convenient for those players who use the strategies taking into account the length of the loop, the level of dispersion and RTP (“return to player”, which means a theoretical payout percentage). These characteristics will be covered further below.


The device has three bonus symbols

  1. Scatter;
  2. Wild symbol;
  3. A symbol that launches the bonus round.

Let's take a look at bonus symbols in detail. Wild symbol substitutes all pictures except for the Scatter and triggers a bonus game. It’s also is the most highly paid symbol. Scatter portrays the heroine with two crossed guns in her hands. Three, four or five Scatters together give a player 10 free spins. During them, all payouts are multiplied by 3.

Bonus game

When 5 or more symbols with the gold artefact appear on the active line, a user gets an opportunity to try luck in a bonus game. A player enters the room of online slots free bonus round where he will help Lara Croft to search ancient artefacts. A game will display a line of statuettes, each of them has its own factor. A user has an option to choose three of them and to add a tidy sum of money to the balance. The total amount of credits directly depends on how many bonus symbols fell on the line:

  • 3 – from 36 to 1500;
  • 4 – from 48 to 2000;
  • 5 – from 60 to 2500.

How to play

Due to a convenient interface, slots machine online game Tomb Raider allows starting the game in a few seconds. For starters, a player needs to choose the size of a bet. This parameter appears after pressing “SELECT COINS” button. Next step is to specify the number of lines with the “SELECT LINES” switch. If a user selects the expert mode, he can set these parameters to 5 or 10 spins in advance. Then, “Start” button is at your service. If a player wants to play the Tomb Raider for free, he needs to select a demo mode of the game.

How to beat the machine Tomb Raider

As a random number generator lies at the core of casino slots free online games, there is no 100% guaranteed strategy to victory. Nevertheless, taking into account certain characteristics of the device, it is possible to increase a chance to hit the jackpot. To do this, it is necessary to take into account such parameters such as dispersion of a slot, loop length, and RTP.

As for the latter factor, the percentage of return is about 96.4%. The device has an average loop. This means that the amount of spins between the winnings is in the medium range. Note, that in this slot loop boundaries are defined quite clearly. Once a player learns how to track the beginning and the end, he can stably gain large rewards.

Online slots for fun, those, named Tomb Raider, has a medium dispersion. This means, that there is no special correlation between victory frequency and the maximum prize factor. In connection to this, it is appropriate to keep the same bet during the whole game. The biggest winnings are paid at the time of free spins. The most successful players can receive up to 750 thousand credits during this round. Thus, if a Scatter didn’t show up for a long period, it’s time to raise the stakes. In this game, the length of the loop can be influenced by the denomination of coins. There is a possibility that by increasing the size of the bet, a player will receive a bonus combination faster.

Players who deal with easy free online slots Tomb Raider the first time should not immediately play for money. It is recommended to start demo mode. This will give an idea of the loop borders and help to build the game strategy more effectively. In addition, the demo version allows mastering the nuances of controlling the device without risks.

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About Lara Croft

Many believe, that the heroine has a real prototype. This is not true. Lara Croft is a fictional character. She owes her existence English game designer of Tomb Raider Toby Gard. According to legend, the heroine was born on February 14, 1967, in London. Permanent residence of Lara Croft is London. The character of mentioned casino games on net has the title of Countess of Abingdon and is engaged in archaeology.

At age 21, Lara got into the plane crash and was the only survivor. After that, she decides to leave a routine life and commits herself to adventures, searching for ancient artefacts and archaeological research. Prerequisite for that had appeared when Lara Croft was 16 years old. That was the time when she joined the expedition of archaeologist Werner von Croy in Cambodia.

The heroine comes from a wealthy family and has inherited an impressive estate. The Forbes repeatedly included Lara Croft in the lists of the richest fictional characters. With regard to the personality of the free easy casino games heroine, she is portrayed as a brave, strong-willed and friendly woman. Here is an indicative list of artefacts found by the main character of Tomb Raider:

  1. Golden Mask;
  2. Philosopher's Stone;
  3. Crystal dagger;
  4. Stone of immortality;
  5. Dagger of Xian.

For the first time, the world started talking about Lara Croft in 1996, when the first game was released. The product immediately created a furore, as before the female characters were rare in video games and lost to Lara in charm. To the date, there are 30 Tomb Raider games released. According to Toby Gard, he was inspired to create Lara Croft by Tank Girl, a comic character by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. Furthermore, the heroine was planned to be a female version of Indiana Jones.

The main heroine of Tomb Raider constantly takes top position in various rankings dedicated to video games:

  • 1st place in the ranking of the greatest female characters of computer games;
  • 1st on the list of the most attractive game characters;
  • 5th place in the ranking of 50 greatest heroes of video games, according to the “Empire”.

In 2001 the long-awaited movie adaptation of the first game called "Lara Croft – Tomb Raider" was released; soon a casino game appeared also. When the director Simon West began to implement this idea, he had no doubt about who will play the title role. Screen image of Lara has embodied a super popular actress Angelina Jolie, who has an incredible resemblance to the heroine. Already in the first weekend after the premiere box office receipts had reached almost $ 50 million, which made this film the most successful movie adaptation of computer game.

A track record of Lara Croft is not limited to movies, video games and online games of casino. For example, a series of comic books dedicated to Tomb Raider was launched in 1997. Eidos company, a publisher of “Tomb Raider”, has a powerful line of merchandising, which includes the most diverse products:

  1. collectible statues;
  2. clothes;
  3. linens;
  4. bathrobes;
  5. lighters;
  6. postage stamps, and more.

Lara Croft is one of the world's most popular cosplay characters. Fans all over the world aspire to most accurately recreate the image of the heroine through clothing, outfit, makeup and other attributes. In addition, the character has had a huge impact on fashion-industry. Each release of the game caused that current fashion trends started to include certain parts of the image of Lara, and models on catwalks somewhat resembled a tomb raider.

Here are some details about Lara Croft:

  • Height – 175 cm;
  • Weight – 57 kg;
  • Hair colour – brown;
  • Eye colour – hazel;
  • Blood group – AB, Rh negative;
  • Shoe size - 39;
  • Favourite food – fried beans;
  • Favourite music – Nine Inch Nail, U2, as well as classical composers;
  • Favourite movie – "Liberation";
  • Favourite computer game – Quake.

It is noteworthy that from release to release biographical information of heroine is a little different. So, one of the games tells the story of a plane crash that occurred when Lara was 21, while the other tells the story of the crash that took place when she was about 9. Anyway, the series at the moment is not closed. It is possible that with new sequels the biography will be changed again.

Interesting Facts

  1. This device was one of the first in the world of gambling that transmitted an iconic hero of the video game and movie on the reels of mobile casino games;
  2. slot machine players loved this gambling machine so much, that Microgaming team decided to develop an updated version: Tomb Raider II Secret of the Sword;
  3. A visitor of one of the online casino from Philadelphia managed to win in the Tomb Raider video slot more than 200 000 dollars;
  4. Guinness World Records named Lara Croft the most successful video game heroine;
  5. Derby inhabitants, from where, according to the legend, originates the main character, renamed the inner ring road in the “Lara Croft Way”;
  6. Lara Croft has a 7th place in the ranking of the best heroes of video games of all time;
  7. An outstanding breast size of Lara Croft is a result of programmer’s error. With the digitization, the chest of Lara Croft was accidentally increased by 150%.


Despite the very decent characteristics of the device, there are quite a lot of reprimands about a quality of graphics in the review section. The explanation is fairly easy. The impressive part of the audience of these casino games you can play online is fans of the original series of Lara Croft, where graphics characteristics are just outstanding. In this regard, the players are waiting for the device of similar quality. Fans of gambling, who are well familiar with the structure and specifics of video slots, do not claim against this issues, as for its segment and release date the slot machine has an acceptable quality graphics and superior to many analogues.


It's worth to play Tomb Raider machine, if only because this product allows learning more about the main female character in the history of Lara Croft. To win on these online slots with free bonus is quite easy, as was mentioned above. The slot does not require impressive experience and any special skills. In addition, it is a great chance for fans of the original game, who are missing their beloved heroine while waiting for new releases, to learn about new adventures of Lara.

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Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (15)
  • Automatic bonus Yes