French Roulette

French roulette is the first roulette invented in Europe and triumphed around the world. Now it can be played not only in land-based casinos, but also in online institutions. NetEnt company offers the electronic version of the game – French roulette.

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French Roulette online game with free bonus

Rules of the game

The rules of digital casino game French roulette are quite simple, it is easy to study them after the first few spins. The essence of the game implies that the player should guess on which of the 37 sectors of the wheel the ball will stop running. Terms of the game provide different types of bets that increase a chance to succeed. So, to envisage the maximum amount of the winning conditions and to insure, the player can make several types of bets:

  • Internal bets on the main field divided into red and black sectors. The field of online roulette is lined with 36 cells on 3 numbers in a row and 12 in a column. The player can bet on one or more numbers of the table.
  • External, specifying bets, margins for which are located on either side of the main table.

You can bet on:

  •  Red of black sectors - Red/Black;
  • Even or odd numbers - Even (Pair) / Odd (Impair);
  • The numbers from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24, from 25 to 36 (P12, M12, D12);
  • On one of the three columns – from 1 to 34, from 2 to 35, from 3 to 36 numbers;
  • On the first half of the field from 1 to 18 numbers or on the second from 18 to 36. (1-18 manique, 19-36 passe).

External bets on free roulette allow the player to get a win even if the predicted exact number did not fall on the drum (except cases in which zero falls). For example, a player bets on 10 in the inner field and makes several external bets – on black, red, odd and even. After a spin 15 falls on the reel. The bet on 10, red and black lose. But black and odd numbers win. Thus, player regains a part of the lost chips.

How to play the French roulette

To play the French roulette game, first of all, you need to make bets. The chips that can be placed in the fields are located in the lower right corner of the screen. The user can choose a chip of any nominal from 0.1 to 10 credit and place it on the playing table by clicking on the left mouse button. The maximum bet for one spin is 50 credits.

Once the player has placed the chips on the field, he can start playing. French roulette offers three possible actions:

  • Quick spin – is a fast roulette wheel turning;
  • Spin – is a wheel rotation with a standard speed;
  • Clear bet – means clearing the field from the rates if the player changes his mind and wants to arrange the chips on the field differently.

When the wheel has stopped and the counting of winning and losing bets is carried out, the player is offered to clear the field and nominate the same rates as for the previous spin by pressing the “Same Bet” button.

In addition the game offers a table located above the chips. This table displays hot and cold numbers, the percentage of black and red sectors wins, the odd and even numbers wins. The user can rely on these values making the next bet. Also the table keeps records of dropped out chips during the game.

Rates and payments in French roulette

Different types of bets in the online game of roulette are paid according to different coefficients. Internal rates that are made on specific numbers bring much more prize money. So, winning chips on cold and hot numbers, or on any other number including zero, bring a gain in the proportion of 35:1.

Bets on columns bring payment in the proportion 2:1, bets on dozens play similarly (P12, M12, D12). Chips betted on odd or even, red or black, large or small (1-18 manique, 19-36 passe) are paid in the proportion 1:1. You should evaluate exactly what bets are you going to make: placing chips on the table must be profitable, so that the number of game credits was enough for the largest number of spins. The more rotation per session the roulette makes, the greater is the chance to win on bets with large payments.

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