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Robin Hood
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Robin Hood slot game online

About the developer

NetEnt or Net Entertainment is the world famous producer of slot machines, that is famous for the exceptional and richly worked pockies. Perhaps, one may say, that they are creating slot machines on art level. They always contain interesting 3D graphics, well-thought interesting plots and bonus games. Even if there are no bonus additional games or jackpot, as in slot game Robin Hood: Shifting Riches, game process captivates the brightness and singularity.

Now the firm offers clients more than a hundred various slot machines, at the same time guaranteeing fair and high payments. NetEnt video slots, besides, are known for representing more chances of a win, than any other. The percent of payments in them is about 96%. The maximum percent is equal to 98,5%.

Robin Hood: Shifting Riches

Perhaps, the best-known hero of medieval Britain after the king Arthur is a legendary robber Robin Hood, who acted in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. Ballads say that he was stealing from the rich men, giving money to the poor - that’s why people loved him so much.

Researchers assume, that a real prototype of Robin Hood lived in the beginning of the 14th century or even earlier. It is unknown whether he was as generous, as the legends tell us, or not. What is important, is that Robin Hood gaming machine: Shifting Riches is surprisingly generous to the players. Its name speaks for itself – in it the word-play hinting at "distribution of riches" from unworthy to worthy is concluded. Just in what the legendary hero was engaged.

In case of development of this slot machine designers of NetEnt were guided by traditional legends, without trying to interpret them in another way. The video slot opens with pleasant short animation, where Robin Hood plunders the rich man and scatters gold in crowd of poor people. The remarkable 3D graphics allocates the gaming machine, making it unique in own way – as usually slots producers don't trouble themselves with similar "trifles", making automatic machines especially functional.

General description

In Robin Hood video slot free online: Shifting Riches there are five drums and 20 lines of payments available. The number of lines of payments is permanent, it can't be changed. The slot machine has low variability, but nevertheless, it is very interesting to play. It isn't too famous among the players as in it there are no big jackpots, and game process is rather equal in respect of financial acquisitions.

The Robin Hood slot machine will please those, who appreciates process of a game not dull and pleasant to eyes, and not only thanks to a bright graphics and cheerful music, but also thanks to unusual technology of rotation of drums that differs from other slots in an interesting detail: after each prize they move to the right, and extreme right becomes extreme left, being scrolled again. Thereby, the chance of receipt of additional advantageous combinations increases. Every time, as in case of this additional scrolling the advantageous combination drops out, payment is enlisted into the account of the player with a certain multiplier, reaching fivefold increase. After that the payment reels are spun again. Rotations go until advantageous combinations are created.

This technology is called Shifting Reels, and in other automatic machines doesn't meet. The closest, that can be found is a jumping wild symbols, as in the Jack & The Beanstalk submachine gun, where the logo with the name of a game can jump on the next drum, giving chance to receive additional prizes. But there a separate symbol – and in Robin Hood: Shifting Riches it can move the whole drums. So this slot machine is really unique, as well as the hero of his plot, the famous robber Robin Hood.

There is no progressive jackpot in the automatic machine. We have slots on which you can win a virtual progressive jackpot.

Limits in the slot machine

Limits in the slot machine aren't too carried from each other, and it is impossible to call multipliers very big. But the gameplay allows to win, nevertheless, rather often, as almost on every spin there is a chance of several repeated torsions, each of which has a multiplier. And advantageous combinations, thereby, appear more often than in many other devices. So, limits in the gaming machine are as follows:

  • the rate to the line varies from 0,01 to 5;
  • the minimum rate constitutes 0,20;
  • the maximum rate equals 100;
  • maximum payment can be increased by 1000 times.


Aside from bonuses in the automatic machine there is:

  • wild symbol;
  • free-spins.

The risk game isn’t available at this slot, but it is with interest filled with a remarkable gameplay of the main game.

Advantageous combinations and payments

Advantageous combinations on this slot consist of two-three identical symbols, which are located on the line of payment and the next drums. They are created, since the first, most left drum and if the first symbol of a combination jumps out on the second or subsequent drum, then it isn't taken into account.

If any character participates in the advantageous combination created on the line of payment, then he comes to life in pleasant animation. For example, Robin Hood shoots a bow, the smith hits with a forehead into a nose bridge of the Nottingham knight, and so forth.

The size of payment is calculated by multiplication of a rate for the line on a special index for each combination. And after each movement of drums if the new advantageous combination jumps out, it is multiplied several times, from two to five. Drums can move unlimited number of times - advantageous combinations are created so far.

Index of a cashback from Robin Hood: Shifting Riches is equal to 96,8% - according to a developer. It means that 96 coins from 100 return to the player. Yes, not the highest percent of return among the NetEnt slots, the highest possesses Blood Suckers slot – at it the whole 98% of return. Nevertheless, Robin Hood: Shifting Riches pleases the player with a decent index of the returned money, in comparison with other pockie machines, especially other producers.

Rules of the game and interface of the slot machine

The game screen, opening after introduction animation includes five very nicely drawn drums, every on three cages, which are located against the background of autumn Sherwood Forest. Over drums goes the quantity of the additional scrolls, and the name of the multiplier: x1, x2, x3, x5.

Under drums there are five chests, in which riches are stored.

On the panel with buttons one can see:

  • level of rates - from 1 to 10, it is also possible to change their quantity;
  • the Autoplay button - the automatic mode of a game;
  • the Spin button with arrows - it starts rotation of drums;
  • the Max Bet button - allows to expose maximum rates with one pressing and directly to start drums;
  • index of coins - from 0,01 to 5, it is also possible to change this parameter;
  • and also quantity of coins on the account of the player.

Guiding the cursor at lateral faces of the screen, where figures of lines of payments are represented, it is possible to see how these lines are created.

At the very bottom of the panel there are buttons of settings. With their help the slot machinecan be adjusted to the taste. Options allow to turn on or switch off:

  • accelerated spin
  • animation: introduction and animation of symbols;
  • audio: background sound and sound effects;
  • to adjust volume level;
  • to open the reference;
  • to initiate the automatic mode of a game.

By means of this option it is possible to select the number of automatic rotations: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000. Having clicked any number of rotations, you launch autopay.

Plus to it, over small squares with the number of automatic rotations is the Advanced Settings button. Having clicked it, it is possible to receive the list of additional settings of when it is necessary to stop an automatic mode of a game.

Besides, in a black strip near buttons of settings the quantity of a cache, the size of a rate and how many it is benefited money is shown.

Characters and secrets of the automatic machine

Icons in the slot machine include several characters of ballads about the noble robber:

  • Robin Hood;
  • Kid John;
  • Brother Tuk;
  • The maiden Marian - the girlfriend of Robin;
  • Smith;
  • Norman knight.

Then there are card symbols from ten to an ace.

The wild symbol is logo with Robin Hood. He replaces all icons, except a symbol with the sack of gold and a symbol with an inscription: Free spins.

Interesting solution of bonus free spins

Sacks of gold are the bonus signs performing function of a scatter. They have three features:

  • having collected four sacks of gold in a chest, you receive free spins;
  • after movement of drums sack of gold turn into wild symbols;
  • they remain at the player within a year after the last game on the slot - a game has "memory".

In the bottom of the screen of a slot machine and from above the panel with buttons it is possible to see several wooden chests. You can click on them - it will allow to see the level of a rate and cost of coins for each rich person lying in a chest.

When on a drum the rich person appears, he is removed aside after what crafty Robin Hood appears and puts a sack in a chest. Under each drum - on a chest, total five chests on four sacks. As soon as in one chest there are four sacks, you have a right to ten free-spins during which one of characters at the choice of the player can play a role of an extra wild symbol. Such symbols replace all others, except an icon with a text of Free-spins.

During such free-spins the size of a rate depends on a rate, which you did on the main spins.


Symbols of Free-spins appear only on the third, fourth, fifth drums. Two and more symbols with Free-spins text activate the following number of free rotations:

  • two - 5 free-spins;
  • three symbols - 10 free-spins.

Cost of symbols

Symbols themselves issue various prizes, depending on their quantity on drums.

The symbol with Robin Hood issues the following awards:

  • five symbols give 1000 coins;
  • four Robin Good - 300;
  • three - 15 coins;
  • two - 2 coins.

Symbol with Marian, the girlfriend of Robin, who holds knives in hand, is on the second place at cost:

  • five Marian grant 750 coins;
  • four - 100;
  • three - 15.

The symbol with the smith takes the third place on value among slot symbols:

  • five bearded men give 250 coins;
  • four symbols - 50;
  • three - 10.

The symbol with the cheerful monk Tuk has smaller cost:

  • five monks issue 250 coins;
  • four - 50;
  • three monks - 10.

And the character with the lowest cost is the Nottingham knight:

  • five knights grant to the player 125 coins;
  • four - 30;
  • three - 7.

After characters from legends there are card symbols from an ace to ten. They issue from 75 to 25 coins for five pieces on the advantageous line.

Strategy of a game

On slot machines there are behaviour strategies. Yes, they work at a basis of a random number generator, which it is difficult to deceive, but nevertheless, it is quite possible to apply several rules, which will help to increase chances of a prize. Learn more about slot machine game strategies.

To catch a wave

One of enough realistic strategy for slot machine games in online slot machine is "to catch a wave". It is necessary to study at first behaviour of the gambling slot machine, playing free of charge or on minimum rates.

Issue of prizes in slot machinesgoes on a sinusoid as the sea wave, and during some period of time reaches a maximum. This behaviour regularly repeats; its template can be traced if to play the automatic machine long enough. The maximum issue continues 5-10 courses, then fades. It is quite possible to win quite good money if at this moment to do maximum rates.

Robin Hood: Shifting Riches submits the same scheme, and also can issue quite big prizes. Even without observing special strategies, the level of coins on the account of the player fluctuates around the initial sum, which he granted on a game. It is not only beautiful and melodic, but also quite generous game device.

Strategy of a ladder

One more strategy bears fruits, if you have rather large sum. It is necessary to choose an average rate in the beginning, then to start the automatic casino slot machine for free play. If the automatic slot machine gives a prize, then the rate needs to be raised. If there is no payment, then - to reduce. The sense is that increase in a rate goes at the expense of the previous prize. You risk already with won money. And in case of losses every time you give the smaller amount.

Rule of a big rate

Among players the rule goes: the more is the rate, the higher are chances of a victory. What does it mean? If to deliver, for example, 5 coins, then there is almost no chance to receive a big prize. Small rates are good with the fact, that it is possible to play the slot longer. But it is also a minus – if to play too long with small rates, as a result you will spend more money. An optimal variant – to put from 3 to 6 percent of the available amount.

Limits of loss and prize

Define for yourself, what sum it isn't a pity to spend for a slot machine – on a loss case. You shouldn't win back loss; it usually comes to a bad end. The chance of a prize needs to be considered too. And also it is desirable to define after what sum you will leave from the gaming machine with a light heart.

Have you hit a fat jackpot? Don't play any more

If suddenly you managed to win largely, then for some time leave the game alone. After a big prize the same loss follows. The probability theory works most often quite so.

Game Specs
  • Freespins Yes (10)