The card game Baccarat from Playtech company is an emulator of the most aristocratic card game. It attracts the fans of the excitement from all over the world thanks to the organic combination of simple rules that are rich in opportunities to win and in the interesting history. It is known that the game dates back to the XIII century. Originally, the tarot cards were used for it.

Around the 1490s Baccarat became known in France and acquired the form closest to the modern. In the development of Playtech were embodied all the advantages of the entertainment, complemented by the advantages of the virtual format of the game. Let's consider the major ones.

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Baccarat card game online

How to play on the device Baccarat from Playtech

The slot game has a lot in common with blackjack and will be available to anyone who has an idea about this gambling entertainment. If the user currently is not familiarized with the rules, the section Rules of Baccarat on our website can be very useful. Returning to Baccarat by Playtech will not be superfluous to examine in detail the structure of the slot machine. On the control panel after starting the game the player will find the following buttons:

  1. Management of the chips;
  2. Distribution;
  3. Removal Rates.

According to baccarat rules the player has 7 types of chips in the nominal value from 0.1 to 100. The game begins with the fact that the user places the chips in the respective cells of the field for the bets. There are sectors on it, each responsible for a particular outcome of the game.

The main user task is to beat the dealer, correctly indicating the outcome of the game. The player can bet on the following options:

  • The player's pair;
  • The dealer's pair;
  • Any pair;
  • The perfect pair;
  • Large;
  • Small;
  • Draw;
  • The dealer's victory;
  • The player's win.

As in the blackjack, the victory in this free slot machine is determined by the analysis of the remaining cards after the distribution. But if the blackjack has a limit of 21 points, in the baccarat the winner is the one who managed to collect the amount as close as possible to 9. The distribution starts with 2 cards, then another one is given, the algorithm of calculation is also like the Blackjack – the Ace brings one point, from 2 to 9 at the face value, but the tens and the figures bring zero. If the sum was 10 or more, ten is subtracted from it and the left number of cards is taken into account in the calculation.

After the rates are placed on the baccarat online the player needs to click on the "Deal" button. Then the combination of the player and the dealer are considerate. The round ends with the payout of the played rates.

Bets in the game machine Baccarat

The stakes in this slot machine for free play are divided into two types – the main and side. The first type includes the player's win, the dealer's win or the draw. The fields for these bets on the virtual table of the Baccarat are made in a semicircle. The side bets are the pairs, large, and small. Betting the chips on these fields, the player tries to predict which combination will be in the hands of the winner. These rates are less likely to fall out, but, at the same time they have bigger coefficients. For example, guessing the perfect pair, the player will receive a prize from 1 to 25, and for his own pair or the pair of the dealer from 1 to 11.

Design and interface of the game machine

The design of the slot machine game for home is traditional for the emulator of this format. Read more about them, visiting our section of Table Games. The playfield of the baccarat simulates the casino table down to the smallest elements – there is not only an imitation of the green cloth but the leather rim too. In the lower left corner, you can find out your current win. The value of each chip is indicated directly next to it. During the game sounds an unobtrusive relaxing music, which can be turned off by pressing the button in the upper right corner of the screen. To read the rules, you need to click on the button in the form of a wrench and select "Help" section.

Game Specs