Max Damage and The Alien Attack
Max Damage and The Alien Attack

The slot machine games on the space theme attract with the mystery and the probability of unveiling the secrets of the sky. On slot machine Max Damage and the Alien Attack from Microgaming you will have to fight off the attacks of the aliens. The gameplay is unusual – it is necessary to pay for the chance of a prize for the destruction of the enemy ships. Find out about other games on the Space theme on our site.

At the beginning of the game are displayed two windows with instructions, which allow preparing to the game. After getting familiarized with the management of the gameplay begins the first level. There are in total nine levels in the online video slot free. To find out at what level the player is now, it is necessary to look at the window Level in the bottom of control panel.

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Max Damage and The Alien Attack slot review

Features of the gameplay

In the game, you’ll have to destroy of the enemies’ aircrafts. To do this, your ship is equipped with a weapon, which with each level becomes of a higher quality with the help of bonuses.

To start shooting, you need to press the Space on the keyboard. One click will mean a single shot, when you press and hold the button it will activate the series of shoots. You can also install a selective-fire with the Auto Fire button. All shoots are endless and free.

However, you need to make a bet every time you hit the enemy units. Ten coins will be deducted for this. At the same time, for the destruction of any enemy ships, you can get the payouts in the random size, which can reach hundreds of credits.

Each credit has its dignity and it can be set manually in the section Coin size using the Change button, and then will appear a separate window with the arrows plus and minus. The values range from 0.01 to 2.

The number of credits that will be taken away from your total balance and the winning amount depend on the value of the credits. The Total win window shows the payout for the current level, and the current player's balance is shown in the lower left corner under the Demo credits inscription.

Improvements to the player

The user's aircraft is not fixed in one place in this casino slot machine and can be moved horizontally, protecting the Earth. Move it to the left and right by using the appropriate buttons on the keypad. This should be done for several reasons:

  • The high levels suggest shooting the player which requires maneuvers;
  • The firing angle of the user's ship is small, and the enemies attack all over the playfield;
  • The destruction of some units brings bonuses that you need to catch with your ship.

The abovementioned additional improvements help you to live longer or to increase the power. The bonuses Health, Shield, Damage Booster and Life help to live longer. They restore the health, armour, temporarily improve your weapons and can give extra life.

The last bonus is the most important because you aren’t always able to keep your health at a sufficient level or prevent the enemy from going to the Earth. The failure will lead to the loss of one life. By the way, the total number is displayed on the board to the left of the ship.

In addition, it is worth to mention the bonus Weapon Upgrade, which increases your firepower on all levels. The more achievements you have – the better are the weapons. You can play in this video slot for real money at the [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casino.

Gameplay improvements

The described characters are not the only bonuses in the free slot game Max damage and the alien attack. The circles, highlighted in yellow improve the conditions of the game for the specific period of time. For example, a bonus "Free Missiles" will allow destroying a certain number of enemies, without placing rates.

The total is five special bonuses; each of them significantly increases the comfort of the gameplay. The different types of alien ships, which will appear at higher levels, also allow making more credits.

Furthermore, after overcoming the third, sixth and ninth step towards to the end of the game in this slot machine game for home, you must fight the boss of the level. The prize for his destruction can reach 110,000 credits, but you need to show certain skills.

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