Each land-based casino can’t go without Craps video slot. Because of this matter, the Playtech manufacturer created virtual simulations of this entertainment. Some gamblers think that such kind of gambling is quite boring, but this is usually due to lack of understanding of the gaming rules. The total process is a bit difficult, but after careful consideration of all the reference data, even a beginner will be able to hit the large sum. Craps top free slots for fun requires mathematical type of mind, so that such a development carries more and developmental function.

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Basic gaming rules

This table card game uses the dice, and players need to be able to bid on the accomplished cast. The whole gameplay is divided into two rounds: “Come Out Roll” and “Point Roll”.

First “Come Out Roll” stage begins with the fact that the user sets the bet and presses on the “Roll”. On the bones may fall out varieties of such combinations:

  • Craps – the sum of points, achieved two, three or twelve;
  • Natural – the sum of the dropped seven or eleven;
  • Point – the sum of points has reached four, five, six, eight, nine and twelve.

Stage ends, when two, three, seven, eleven, and twelve points fall out. If the other numbers are falling out, then set the "Point" mode. When this process is activated, the button at the top of the screen turns to ON. This means that “Point” is set. The key is OFF, if the seven falls out one more time and the “Point” mode is set again. Stage for reaching the number of “Point” is considered as the second gaming round.

The probability of winning

Unlike a board game such as a roulette, in the Craps top free slots all bets are different from each other in terms of profitability and the probability of falling. There are 36 different possible combinations in options. In the right corner of the playing field are the “Hard ways” and “One roll bets” fields, which contain the probability of falling of those combinations. Here for example, the double falling of two units on the bones brings the gain up to 30 rates. This combination is one of the rarest.

How to control the game

The interface is fully consistent with the real board game. There is a gaming table on the screen, covered with green baize. On the plane carried the red lines, marking the main characteristic of the best Craps free slots for fun.

There is a plate at the top of the screen with set rates limit: minimum – a single loan, the maximum – 100 credits. Next to this is situated the indicator, which shows whether the point-number is set. In the upper right the corner is the effect point, shown in close-up size.

The control panel contains the following keys:

  • “Roll” – roll the dice
  • “Clear” – clear the field of chips;
  • “Help” – rules of the game and pay table;
  • “Sound off” – turn off the melody;
  • “Balance” – the sum of the player's account;
  • “Bet” – total bet.

There are gaming chips in the lower right corner in amount of 100 to 500 credits. To place a bet in free slot games, click on the chip with the required amount, and then press on the selected place.

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Rates and payments

In this design, made by the Playtech, user will find seven basic rates:

  1. Pass Line;
  2. Don't Pass Line;
  3. Come;
  4. Don't Come;
  5. Big 6 and Big 8;
  6. Any 7 Bets;
  7. Any 11 Bets.

“Pass Line” and “Do not Pass Line” are considered to be the basic rates. They act at any stage of the game. The user will get the win on the “Pass Line”, if “Points” fall out. If a player bets on the “Do not Pass Line”, he loses. “Come” and “Don't Come” bets are possible only at the second gaming stage, when the winning number has been established.

All of the first five bets from the list bring payments one by one. If the user has set on “Any 7 Bets” and he won, he gets 4 bets. The most expensive in this list is “Any 11 Bets” rate, bringing eleven bets. To learn all bets and payouts go to a special section with the rules of the Craps free slot to play online.

Board games are very important elements in the gambling world. They are interesting and unpredictable. On the gambling market there is a wide range of these products.

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