Double Bonus Poker

The poker is a gambling game recognized in most countries of the world, which leads to its widespread usage not only in the land-based casinos but also in the online ones. The online slot game Double Bonus Poker by RTG Company offers the opportunity to play in five-card poker without opponents.

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Double Bonus Poker game review

Management and rates

The gameplay of the online slot is not complex and can be intuitively mastered by even a beginner. The first thing to do – is to choose the size of the bet. The switch with the arrows on the right side of the screen allows to do this. Among the offered variants here are the following values:

  • 500;
  • 0,25;
  • 0,5;
  • 1;
  • 5.

Depending on the number of bets done, will be calculated the payout and the number of credits will be taken away from the player's balance. The current balance can always be seen in the lower right corner. There is information about the involved column and the sum of the last win.

The number of coins is determined by the blue button "Bet One". Every click on it will move the blue background on the five columns at the top of the screen. Each vertical line corresponds to a number from one to five, which would mean the number of the single rates. A similar button is highlighted in green; it immediately puts the indicators on the maximum position, and it is called "Bet Max". In addition, it immediately starts the game.

A similar effect produces a central Deal button. The first click on it gives the player five cards. A second click on the button that has changed its name to Draw, replaces all the cards with other ones. If the player wants to leave any cards, he needs to click on them once, after that, the Hold button appears. This means that the card will remain on its place when the hand will be repeated.

The gain in this video slot casino is given only for a sequence obtained in the result of both operations. Therefore, if all five cards satisfied the user or they are components of one big combination, you should not forget to fix all them in their positions. Read more about the Table Games and their rules in the corresponding section on our site.


The payouts for the combinations in this free slot game take place in accordance with the coefficients in the table located above the cards. The magnitude of the factors depends on the number of coins bet on the line. The basis is a series of the same coin.

In it the coefficients are distributed as follows:

  • A unit for a couple of the cards no less than a jack and two pairs of any denomination;
  • Three for three cards of any denomination;
  • Five for straight (five cards in order);
  • Seven for flash (five cards of the same suit);
  • Ten for a full house (three of the same rank and another pair);
  • 45 for four of a kind from five to King;
  • 80 single bets will pay four of a kind of two, three or four;
  • 160 for four aces;
  • 50 for the straight flush (five cards of the same suit in order);
  • 250 for the Royal Flush (straight flush from ten to ace).

Each multiplier in the other columns is equal to the unitary coefficient multiplied by the vertical component. The exception is the payout for a royal flush with five coins for him the player will receive 4000 credits. A peculiarity of the device from the RTG Company is the lack of payments for a couple of cards lower than jack, allowing the player to easily change them before the second distribution. Otherwise, if you feel confident and want to try the paid version please visit the [[$whereToPlayLinks]] online casino.

Additional possibilities

As for the bonus in the slot machine for free play Double Bonus Poker, you can guess from its name, because the risk game that doubles the winnings is the only extra round. To get it, the user needs to have a winning hand. After that, the game will prompt the user to increase his earnings. If he does not want to do this, just click on the "No" button and stay with the guaranteed prize.

If the player wants to take the risk, then it is worth remembering that all payments will be taken away if he fails but in order for this not to happen, it is enough to choose from four hidden cards one that is higher in value than the one open. There are no bonuses in the machine Double Bonus Poker.

Game Specs