Special features of respin slot machines

Respin in slots – is one more special feature of slot machines. Respin slot machine lets players to evaluate their chances to top up the current combination with the of one of the reels.

Initially, respins of some of the reels where connected with the frequent malfunctions of the old models of mechanical slot machines. Mechanisms would very often break down in such one-armed bandits, and as a result the reels did not spin properly, so the player saw just a part of a next symbol. Such malfunctions tempted players to push or hit the slot – to get the desired combination.

But when slots have got electrically operated mechanisms, the manufacturers deliberately equipped some of the machines with a respin feature.

At present moment, one of the most famous slot machine developers with the respin feature is Microgaming. The company has managed to provide the players with such slots as Wild Orient, Dragon Dance, Bikini Party and many others.

In slots of this kind, under every reel you can see a little widow with information about number of credits necessary for a respin of a particular reel. Although, that’s not always the case, some slots offer this feature for free.