Jacks or Better

Video poker slot Jacks or Better is another version of video poker with two types of risk game. Products with such name are in collection of the most part of developers and Playtech company also created its version for fans of this card game. Video poker is unique game, which requires not only powerful intelligence but also mathematical type of mind and hunger for risk. Demo version allows to play game without placing money, gambler gets 500 credits. Free games will help players to learn the game rules and winning combinations. A wide selection of casino table games you can see in special site section.

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Jacks or Better video poker slot

Game rules in Jacks or Better

After the downloading of free slot machines apps player can determine the amount of credits, which he is ready to place. It is possible to place from 0,5 to 5 credits and the prize depends on the rate. When all data will be set, player has to press on “Deal” button. After this dealer gives player five cards. After they are opened user can see his result. If you get any combination – you get prize, and if you don’t – you can take more cards with the help of “Draw” button.

Before using new deck of cards pay attention to the combinations placed in the upper part. Across some of them percent will appear which will show the probability of winning after the re-deal. Cards in combinations in slot machines at casino will be in red colour and with “Hold” word. These ones will stay on the reeland and other elements will be dealt again. Player can regulate the process on his own and leave those cards he needs without listening to the hints.

If the re-deal is successful in the upper part of the screen the game on doubling will begin. It isn’t necessary to take part in it, with the help of Collect button you can transfer won credits to the account.

In this development are used ten poker combinations, each of them will be a prize one for the user. There are no competitors in this free slot game for fun, that is why player can think through the next step and don’t be afraid that someone’s combination will be bigger. Other types of online video poker can be found in the special section.

How to control interface

The control panel in Jacks or Better slot machine is user-friendly and there are no lots of buttons here:

  1. Credit – the total amount on player’s account;
  2. Bet – bet on one deal, is regulated with + and - regulators;
  3. Gamble ½ - game on doubling with x2 coefficient;
  4. Gamble – risk round with x4 coefficient;
  5. Deal – deal of cards.

In the right upper corner user can regulate technical options in casino slot games: turn off the sound, full screen mode, etc. There is also shown time. The amount of win is seen on the informational line.

Combinations and payouts in video-poker

In this game user can collect the following sequences:

  • Jacks or Better – pair of Jacks;
  • Two pair – two pair combinations, for example two twos and two Kings;
  • Tree of a kind – includes three cards of single rank;
  • Straight – all cards are in ascending order, regardless of the suit;
  • Flush – five cards of one suit;
  • Full house – pair of cards and one set;
  • Four of a kind – four elements of one suit;
  • Straight Flush – combination of one suit;
  • Royal flush – cards of the highest rank set in the order. It is the most beneficial combination in video-poker.

If user manages to collect Royal Flush without re-deal he gets Direct Royal Flush which is equal to 3700 bets.

The table of payouts in free slot games for PC is placed on the main screen, that’s why it isn’t hard to define the future prize. The payouts vary from 1 to 400 bets.

Risk game

After player gets winning combination the game on doubling starts. In this round player should open the card bigger in rank than opponents one. In case of successful choice, the number of credits increases in two or four times.

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