Book of Ra Deluxe
Book of Ra Deluxe

Video slot machine Book of Ra Deluxe is a digital version of the classic “book” game designed specifically for virtual casinos. Despite its simplicity or, perhaps, even because of it, the game from Novomatic has received wide popularity on gambling portals.

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Book of Ra Deluxe online slot with free spin bonus

This slot offers users to play on 5 reels and 10 lines prize. A session involves 10 pictures, the most valuable among which is a book that serves as a wild and scatter symbols and activates the bonus game. Spinning the reels, you will be able to collect and supplement sequences, get a free spin bonus and win prizes in a game for doubling.

Read about the slot below, in Book of Ra Deluxe by Novomatic slot review. You can check out other video slots with free play and more slots with the Egyptian theme on our portal.

Game Info
  • Wild Symbol yes
  • Scatter Symbol yes
  • Respins no
  • Freespins yes
  • Active bonus no
  • Automatic bonus no
  • Super bonus no
  • Risk game yes

How to play Book of Ra Deluxe

Book of Ra Deluxe for fun is the version that is available on our portal. To start rotating the reels, you do not need to register and pay real money for a deposit. The demo version of the slot provides a game balance full of virtual credits intended for betting during a session. To properly manage these coins, it is necessary to sort out available gaming options, basic rules and work principles of video slots.

Control panel

Before starting a spin, check out the buttons and features that affect a session. At the bottom, directly below the reels, there is the control panel with keys and sections. Each element has a specific function or indicates how the game is going. Book of Ra Deluxe for Android version of the panel can be a little different. Let’s review it in detail.

List of versions Book of Ra by Greentube

Buttons of Book of Ra Deluxe online slot:

  • Start – starts reel rotations on the playfield.
  • Autoplay – sets automatic spins, each subsequent turnover is activated after calculating the results of the previous one.
  • Gamble – activates a mini-game of chances in the case of a winning combination.
  • Paytable – opens the paytable with multipliers.
  • More Info – appears in the place of Gamble key when the table of multipliers is open. It scrolls pages to provide more information about the game.

Sections with numerical values:

  1. Parameters the user can change:
    • Lines – the number of active paylines. The user can change the value using “+” and “-” buttons located next to the number. The default value is set to the maximum – 10 strips.
    • Bet/Line – a bet on a line (the number of coins paid for 1 line involved in the game). The value ranges from 1 to 200 coins. The default is 1 game credit.
  2. Settings that change during the game
    • Bet – a total bet per spin (the number of credits that will be taken off from your account when you start rotating reel).
    • Credit – coins on a deposit. By default, the demo version provides 5000 demo credits.

Please note, that some moments mentioned in descriptions of free video slot apps may differ from the nuances of similar applications in online casinos. The value of bets on real gambling sites can be controlled by a casino itself. You can familiarise with the rules of playing in online casinos for money in the relevant section of the site.

Probabilities in the slot Book of Ra Deluxe

Before the start of the game, we recommend you to sort out probabilities of the game which can be observed when changing the configuration of the device. Lines and Bet/Line affect the duration of a session and, consequently, the profit of a session. That’s why you should pay attention to how these figures are connected and how the change of numbers in columns influences the game.

The number of active lines set by the user affects:

  1. The probability of a combination of symbols that will bring rewards. Not to be confused with the probability of combinations in general. This process depends on the random number generator. The number of lines affects the possibility to receive a reward for a sequence. Thus, a combination that appeared on an inactive strip doesn’t bring rewards. By setting the maximal number of lines, you are guaranteed to get paid for a bonus sequence if any.
  2. The total bet. The number of coins per spin is calculated by multiplying the number of lines on credits set as the payment for one such strip. The more lines are active at a rate of 1 credit, the more coins are written off as a payment for a spin:
  3. if 1 line active, then 1x1 = 1;
  • if all 10 lines are set, 10x1 = 10.
  • The bet per line affects:
  1. The volume of payments for a prize combination. Since all rewards are calculated on the basis of multipliers (proportions), which are the same for each sequence of characters, payouts a combination are affected directly by the bet:
    1. with the rate of 1 coin and the coefficient of x5, the payment is equal 1x5 = 5;
    2. with 200 coins assigned as a bet per line and the same factor x5, the prize will be 200x5 = 1000.
  2. The number of spins. Since the bet and the number of lines affect the overall price of a spin, both indicators have some influence on the duration of a game session. So, the more expensive is a rotation, the less time you have to run the wheels:
    1. with the rate of 10 coins, you can perform 500 spins with the total balance of 5,000 credits;
    2. if you pay 2000 coins per spin, you can make only 2 rotations for 5000 coins and have remaining 1000 on the balance.

The more times you can launch the reels, the greater the probability of prize-winning combinations. Thus, the chance that at least one turnover during 500 spins would be advantageous is higher than during 2 rotations.

Symbols and payouts in the game Book of Ra Deluxe

Pictures of video slot machines are the basic “stuff” that make up winning combinations. Forming such sequences is the main task of the gameplay. Depending on the features of images and their properties, you can determine their costs and benefits, as well as to predict the frequency of certain combinations.

It is necessary to clarify, that the frequency has nothing to do with regularity. However, it is partly due to the mechanics of reels work. We will analyse the influence of reel structure on the frequency further below. Now let’s pay attention to pictures that bring victory.

Depending on the value of the image on the screen, symbols can be divided into:

  1. Common symbols. They are numeric and letter card symbols from 10 to A. These pictures appear in cells and often form sequences of three images from left to right, bring x5 bets on a line (i.e., at a stake of 1 coin, winnings will be 5 credits). “Cheap” icons have this name because the most frequent sequence brings the reward that is half less than the cost of a spin. That is, the gain does not cover costs.
  2. Valuable characters – ancient Egyptian attributes. Such pictures can form a combination of 2 icons in a row which also brings x5, x10 bets on a line as a prize. Combinations of three such symbols are paid in x30-x100 range.
  3. The main symbols of the game – the book. In honour of this item, users have nicknamed the slot Book of Ra Deluxe simply “book”. This picture has a number of specific tasks and activates the Book of Ra Deluxe bonus:
    1. It performs a function of a wild symbol – replaces the missing picture in a sequence or extends it. Thus, the book increases the user's chance to receive a payout.
    2. It performs the role of scatter. This symbol forms a combination even if takes 3-5 cells on the playfield not connected in paylines. That is, the picture can be scattered around the screen randomly but, nevertheless, it activates the bonus round when occurs on 3 reels and more. The bonus of the slot, which is triggered under these conditions, is a series of free spins.

Free spin bonus in Book of Ra Deluxe

Book of Ra Deluxe free play – this is the main advantage of the slot. It is profitable even in the free version of the application since launches under special conditions: demo coins are not written off from the balance when reels are rotating. If 3, 4 or 5 books appeared on the playfield, the user receives 10 free spins as a reward, as well as a large bonus amount of x20-x2000 total bet.

Free play is conducted under the conditions specified by the user for the main game, that is the following parameters remain the same:

  • the selected number of lines for the last rotation that launched the bonus round;
  • a bet per line which was active during the last spin.

To receive Book of Ra Deluxe big win during bonus rotations, it would be good if there are high stakes at the time of bonus round launch.

Another advantage of bonus spins is that the additional expanding symbols appear on the reels. Pictures are randomly selected prior to free spins. Such symbols, dropping on the reels, are duplicated in neighbouring cells and occupy the entire column. Expanding symbols increase the odds of winning combinations by covering the maximal number of active paylines.

In different slot machines, free spins offer different rewards. If you want to learn more about free spin bonuses of slots, you can find the desired information in the relevant section.

Risk game

Besides free spins, the user is given an additional opportunity to increase the payout. Thus, in the mode of manual rotations (which starts by pressing the Start button), you can increase the reward in the risk game if a prize combination appeared on the reels. It starts by clicking on the Gamble button.

After pressing the button, an additional screen with a mini-game opens. It is necessary to guess the colour of the card suit – red or black. If the answer is correct, the reward for a rotation is multiplied 2 times and the user goes to the next round of the game for doubling. If the answer is incorrect, credits earned by the rotation of the wheels are burned, the game is closed, the user returns to the main game.

If you are lucky and the prize was doubled once or several times, you can stop the risk game without losing. During the launch of the mini-game, Start button is replaced by the key Collect which takes the reward to the balance.

How to beat a video slot machine Book of Ra Deluxe

No matter how exciting the gameplay is, how many rewards and special effects were invented for entertainment, the main thing that always brings players is potential winnings on slots. Many beginners and experienced players study one armed bandits, spend hours at demo versions to figure out how the device “thinks” to develop a strategy leading to the victory.

However, you should understand that any tactics for slots are very conditional. There is no certain way to solve the problem how to win Book of Ra for sure. This is due to a special mechanics of gaming machines and computing algorithms that display pictures on the screen.

What affects the gameplay

The main element responsible for the formation of sequences on the reels is a random number generator. This is a mathematical function that selects an arbitrary number of symbols and determines their locations in cells. That is, the frequency of a picture and the formation of sequences are affected by two factors:

  • the number of identical symbols in a row of pictures that are located on a wheel;
  • RNG that randomly selects pictures.

You can see that some pictures appear more often and, therefore, the odds of formation of combinations are slightly higher for these pictures. However, this probability does not affect the frequency and regularity of combining several of these symbols in a row. Everything is random, so it is impossible to somehow influence the gameplay. However, there is a number of video slot machine tips that will help to organise a session in the most beneficial way.

What cannot influence the gameplay

Before we familiarise with simple Book of Ra Deluxe tricks, it is necessary to understand what hypothesis completely didn’t prove themselves with one-armed bandits.

  1. The bet size affects the frequency of symbol combinations and their cost. This is not true. Stakes are not involved in the work of RNG.
  2. The control system affects the “generosity” of slots. It is said that real slots with levers bring more high and frequent payments than slots with buttons or virtual machines. It's a delusion. Regardless of the ways to start spins, RNG works in the same way on different types of slot machines.
  3. If the slot hasn’t paid for a long time, it will be possible to hit a big jackpot soon. Unfortunately, this does not work. The frequency of payouts in slots also depends on the work of the RNG – combinations are formed by chance. The one-armed bandit does not accumulate any points before giving it out. The only exception is a progressive jackpot, but there is no guarantee that it will drop out during your session.
  4. There is a sequence of button presses that ensures a winning combination. It is also a myth. There are no special key combinations, sequences, or frequency of clicks is slots because all strategies trying to answer the question how to cheat Book of Ra Deluxe are a misconception, especially when it comes to licensed software.

How to control the game

To make a game session as comfortable as possible and with minimal risks, you should follow some simple guidelines that you can try out while playing on the demo slot machine. Of course, in this version, there is no risk of losing money because such slots do not require investment. But before we move on to a real gambling game, it is possible to work out some tricks during free spins. These include:

  1. Prepare a fixed amount of money for which you are ready to play. Determine how much you can invest into the slot provided that a session can go wrong and you won’t get wins. Having chosen the best option, stick to it, do not replenish the deposit during the game no matter how successful it is.
  2. Set a reasonable limit on winnings. What is the winning sum that can satisfy you? Having reached this number, you should stop playing.
  3. Set a limit on losses. How much are you really willing to lose on the machine? A quarter, a third, a half? When your account balance reaches this limit, finish the game.

These simple guidelines will help to manage the bankroll to maximise the time of playing with the ability to win. Despite this number of actions, you can also use popular strategies and betting systems which can be found in the relevant section.

If you've liked the demo version of this game you may move on to the game on real money. Anyone who decides to do this can visit casinos and play on this slot machine and win real prizes!

How to win Book of Ra Deluxe (cheats and tricks)

In any slot machine, your chances of winning pivot on RTP, the amount you have already spent and the amount you have won during the game. Besides, you should remember that, usually, a big win is 1,000 to 3,000 times the bet, so it makes no sense playing with a bet of 1 cent if you want to win more than USD 10–30.

So, in the following situations you will be better off doing as suggested:

Main rule:
  • Your prize per spin is 100 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Wild Symbol
  • You get a WILD in more than 40% of the fields but your prize is less than 50 times the bet — Keep on playing
  • You get a WILD in less than 40% of the fields — Keep on playing
  • You get a WILD in more than 40% of the fields and your prize is 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Scatter Symbol
  • You get Scatters twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • You get re-spins three times in a row with a prize of more than 5 times the bet — Move to another slot
  • You get free spins twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • You win 50 times the bet or more in free spins — Move to another slot
Active bonus
  • You get active bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The active bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Automatic bonus
  • You get automatic bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The automatic bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Super bonus
  • You get super bonuses twice in ten spins — Move to another slot
  • The super bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more — Move to another slot
Risk game
  • Your current win is exactly half of what you need to get to stop the game — Keep on playing
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